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Playlist: "All Indie Friday" Free Radio Jackson 11/06

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Datum: 07.11.2009 12:00
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I'm Aaron Childs. I host Free Radio Jackson, an internet radio station based
out of Jackson, Michigan.   On Free Radio Jackson, I play a mixture of
blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, roots rock/americana, reggae
and ska, etc.

Friday is "All Indie Friday" here on Free Radio Jackson.  We play nothing
but unsigned and indie label bands from all over the world, but the emphasis
is on music from the south central Michigan area with a even bigger focus on
Jackson area music.  New indie submissions we get are also debuted on 'All
Indie Friday', too.  The show begins Midnight eastern time Thursday
night/Friday morning, and loops continuously until 11:30 pm eastern time
Friday night.

Here's the playlist from that show.  The contact info is at the bottom.

Hope you enjoy reading this, and I hope you tune in to listen!

Artist, "Song Title"

Arthur Loves Plastic  "Give Me Love"

Suredrive  "Sunshine Superstar"

The Love Gypsies  "Rainy Day"

Little Smoke  "Take Me I'm Drunk"

Pet Buffalo  "Free Yourself"

Melissa Dru  "Fires Bright"

Mystic Bowie & The Pallbearers  "Rebirth"

Nomo  "Busy"

Lauren Echo  "I-95"

Louise Taylor  "Last Days of Summer"

Michelle Nagy  "Maybe"

Ripley Caine  "Final Kiss"

James Kennedy  "The Blues According To E"

Eric Copeland  "Chill"

Kerrianne Cox  "Beagle Bay Dreaming"

South Meridian  "Sandstones  (Epic)"

The Pocket Gods  "Shark"

Mountain Of Venus  "Straight For The Sun"

60 Second Crush  "Sister Suicide"

8th Wave  "Fraidy Cat"

Purge D.I.  "I Am"

Jenaphoria  "Mistakes"

Beulah  "Gravity's Bringing Me Down"

The Bridge  "Fruit Truck"

State Of Green  "Spaceman"

Grand Evolution  "Second Wind High"

Count Bracey & The Pleasure Tones  "Don't Jive Me Baby"

Mindrought  "Core"

Pave The Sun  "Cast Me On My Way"

Anemo  "I Was Taken In"

K.P. Devlin  "How I Miss You Tonight"

Thaddeus Hogarth  "They Can't Stop Tomorrow"

Rollie Tussing  "Sun Is Risin'"

Vickie McCrone  "I Know"

The Halogens  "Car Crash In The Dream"

Smokstik  "Fish"

Missed a playlist?  You can read our previous playlists as well as read
special announcements at our Myspace Blog section!


Are you a musician and think your music would fit my show? Send a cd and
contact info (cassettes or vinyl NOT accepted) to:
Free Radio Jackson

c/o Aaron Childs

616 N. Pleasant St.

Jackson, Michigan 49202

Thank you and have a great day!

Aaron Childs
Host, Free Radio Jackson



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