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PLAYLIST: Free Radio Jackson 11/01 - 11/02

Von: Free Radio Jackson (freeradiojackson@nospamyahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.11.2009 14:41
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I'm Aaron Childs. I host Free Radio Jackson, an internet radio station based
out of Jackson, Michigan.   On Free Radio Jackson, I play a mixture of
blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, roots rock/americana, reggae
and ska, etc.
We start your week off with a bang with "The Backwards Song Contest", a
great chance for you to win some cash.
The show starts midnight eastern time Saturday night/Sunday morning and
repeats continuously until Midnight Eastern Time Monday night/Tuesday
morning, so you can tune in and catch it anytime.   Here's the playlist from
that show.  The contact info is at the bottom.  Hope you enjoy reading this,
and I hope you tune in to listen sometime!

Artist, "Song Title"
The Fixx  "Red Sky Tonight"
Man or Astro-man?  "Flotation Devices for Frequencies Yet to Be Detected"
Kelsey Toney  "After Today"
Steppenwolf  "Sookie Sookie"
Hardwood EXP  "Time To Decide"
Inversions  "Lost Cause"

Electric Light Orchestra  "Mr. Blue Sky"
Wide Eye  "Coldwater"
Tagyerit  "Neat Junk"
Cheech & Chong  "Let's Make A Dope Deal"
Lighting Slim  "Things I Used To Do"
Like Johnathan  "Mountains  (acoustic version)"
Happy Birthday to Flo Newman of Tagyerit!!

The Ramones  "Too Tough to Die"
Zambonie  "California Man"
Matt Angus  "That Night"
Traffic  "John Barleycorn"
Laurel Aitken w/ The Loafers  "Rudi Got Married  (live)"
Motor City Josh & The Big Three  "I Was Born To Play The Blues"

Ian Dury  "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"
One Shot Crocket  "Insane Belief"
The Grip Weeds  "Strange Bird"
Yngwie Malmsteem's Rising Force  "I Am A Viking"
Meat Puppets  "Sam"
God And The Architects  "Autumn Day"

L7  "Pretend We're Dead"
The Invaders  "Cycle"
Charlie Slick  "I Know You Love My Synthesizers"
Flipper  "Sex Bomb"
Tunnel  "Same To You"
Tension  "Get Together"

Alice In Chains  "Got Me Wrong  (unplugged)"
Jason Maynard  "All You Leave Behind"
Holly Light  "Beautiful World"
Save Ferris  "Come on Eileen"
Elwood  "Forty-Five"
Inland  "The Jig's Up"

Missed a playlist?  You can read our previous playlists as well as read
special announcements at our Myspace Blog section!

Are you a musician and think your music would fit my show? Send a cd and
contact info (cassettes or vinyl NOT accepted) to:
Free Radio Jackson
c/o Aaron Childs
616 N. Pleasant St.
Jackson, Michigan 49202

Thank you and have a great day!

Aaron Childs
Host, Free Radio Jackson

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