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Mark Steyn is a self-serving ignorance-peddler

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Datum: 09.11.2009 03:46
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On Friday, 6 Nov 2009 Mark Steyn substituted for Rush Limbaugh. I
happened to hear one segment in which Steyn berated President Jimmy
Carter for having been a weak President. According to Steyn, this
weakness was responsible for, among other things, emboldening the
Iranian government to occupy the American embassy in Tehran and to
take the U.S. hostages. Steyn went on to say that not even in Moscow
was the U.S. embassy ever occupied, nor was the U.S. interest section
in Havana ever occupied.

It is truly amazing to see how often the hostages in Tehran are
mentioned by ignorance-peddlers like Steyn, with scant reference to
the fact that all the hostages were eventually released.. These
ignorance-peddlers never mention that the embassy was occupied by
university students, and not by the Iranian government--although
subsequently the hostages became pawns of the internal power struggles
in Iran. Ignorance-peddlers like Steyn conveniently never mention
that, under the supposedly strong president Reagan, 241 American
servicemen were killed in Beirut Lebanon on 23 Oct 1983. Also in 1983,
the U.S. Embassy in Beirut was bombed, killing 63 people, including 17
Americans. Many American and western hostages were taken in Lebanon,
some of whom were murdered.

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