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Alt.Recovery.Clutter FAQ
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04/07 Updated Meetup list
Added Barb Rogers, _Clutter Junkie No More_
01/07 Added http://squalorsurvivors.org; thanks to Joy in Virginia and
12/06 Added http://www.clutterclarity.com; thanks to Don Saklad.
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1/05 Changes:  Information on San Francisco area self-help group
Thanks to Jeri Dansky for checking links -- something I should have
done long since!

1) If cluttering (hoarding, being a packrat) is a problem for you, it's
a real problem.  Some people don't mind little things like paying twice
as much to house a collection as they spend to house themselves.

If it's a problem to you, you can find support and advice in

Q: What is clutter?
A: "Clutter is anything we don't need, want, or use that takes our
time, energy or space, and destroys our serenity.  It can be outgrown
clothes, obsolete paper....We may be selective in some areas, but not
in others. Objects may be strewn about or wedged into drawers; neatly
stacked or stowed in storage." The Twelve Steps of Clutterers
Anonymous, CLA WSO Literature Committee, approved February 1996.

2. What causes it?

A Buddhist parable:  a soldier has been wounded by an arrow.  If it's
removed right away, he'll survive.  But first he wants to know about
the arrowmaker:  Who is he?  What's his caste?  How many children does
he have?  What's his blood type?  How does he vote?  What TV programs
does he watch?

It can be useful to know that clutterers are more likely than most to:
be clinically depressed, have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), have Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder (PTSD).  Or to have other medical conditions which sap their
strength.  If you suspect you have a medical problem, it's a good idea
to find out.  You might be able to alleviate it, or work around it.

But there are people with all these conditions who aren't clutterers;
and clutterers who don't have any of them.

Family background?  Some clutterers learned it from their parents.
Others had painfully neat parents.

The Depression as a cause:  There were clutterers long before the
1930s.  And there are rich clutterers; just because someone could
easily afford to buy twenty new cars won't keep him from holding on to
a collection of near-wrecks because they might be useful someday.

Besides this newsgroup, you might also want to try an email list:

DitchThatClutter@yahoogroups.com.  To subscribe, send any message to
DitchThatClutter@yahoogroups.com.  This seems to be the liveliest one
just now.

The Unclutter list (unclutter@yahoogroups.com) has replaced the
Decluttr list.  To join:  If you don't have a Yahoo account, send an
email to unclutter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  If you do have a Yahoo
account, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/unclutter to subscribe.

Freecycle is a set of local mailing lists for people who have stuff to
give away and people who want stuff.  At http://freecycle.org there's a
directory of local Freecycle mailing lists for every continent except

LiveJournal (http://livejournal.com) communities listed as interested
in decluttering:
anticonsumerex - Financial Freedom Shall Be Ours!
clean_gweep - Do not mess with the Gweep armed with the broom.
flyladies - Flyladies and Flybabies Community
organize - Let's Get Organized
organizedlife - Organized Life
goal_posts; focus is on overcoming procrastination

Organizations for clutterers

If you can't find a local group, call your local self-help phone number
(if you can't find it easily in the phonebook, ask your local library
for help finding it).

If there's an organization or local meeting not listed here which you
think should be, please let me know. I'm also interested in people's
experiences with groups.

Where a phone number is given, please call first to make sure the
meeting is still at the time and place given.

Clutterers Anonymous World Service Organization:
http://www.clutterersanonymous.net phone: (310) 281-6064; recording,
you can leave messages.  CLA, PO Box 91413, Los Angeles, CA
90009-91413.  CLA East:  (866) 800-3881, http://www.claeast.org.  Twin
Cities MN info: (612) 821-3934 or dsgood@iphouse.com. 12-Step group.

There's now also a Clutter-Anon group (for families, etc. of
clutterers) in Southern California.  If you're in that area, or want to
set up a local meeting, get in touch with them through CLA's World
Service Organization.

Messies Anonymous: 5025 SW 114th Ave., Miami, FL 33165. 1-800-MESS AWAY
Quarterly newsletter $5 per year -- sample newsletter free. Internet:
info@messies.com. Website: http://www.messies.com  Uses the 12 Steps,
but doesn't adhere to all guidelines.  (Founder isn't anonymous.)

"If you write to the address for the newsletter and include your city
and state, you will receive a list of others in the area who have asked
for the same information OR the name and number of the person who has
organized such a group--if there is one. You will also receive as much
information and support as you might need if you want to start your own
group." Bonnie Rice
Change: You can now ask from the website.

Clutterless. http://www.clutterless.org Not a 12-step group, but uses
some things from the 12-step tradition.

If there isn't a group in your area:  Messies Anonymous has online
meetings, and Clutterers Anonymous may have one soon.  Clutterers
Anonymous has several phone meetings.

The purpose of http://meetup.com is to set up and help local groups of
many kinds. [updated 4/8/07]

# The NYC Declutter Meetup Group (New York, NYus; 70 members)
# Washington DC Simplicity (Washington, DCus; 63 members)
# The Detroit Metro Area ADH/D Meetup Group (Livonia, MIus; 42 members)
# The Morris/Essex Declutter Meetup Group (West Orange, NJus; 22
# The Calgary Declutter Meetup Group (Calgary, ABca; 21 members)
# Individuals of a Different Mind: Discovery & Support Group (Los
Angeles, CAus; 20 members)
# The Springfield FlyLady's FlyBabies (Springfield, VAus; 18 members)
# Citrus Heights Messies Anonymous (Citrus Heights, CAus; 13 members)
# Design & Declutter your life! (Royal Oak, MIus; 12 members)
# The Richmond Declutter Meetup Group (Richmond, VAus; 12 members)
# The Richmond Declutter Meetup Group 2 (Richmond, VAus; 7 members)
# Declutter by Design Meetup Group (Minneapolis, MNus; 11 members)
# The Chicago Declutter Meetup Group (Chicago, ILus; 11 members)
# The DC Declutter and Energetic Alignment Meetup Group (Washington,
DCus; 11 members)
# The Bellevue Declutter Meetup Group (Bellevue, WAus; 9 members)
# Washington DC Simplicity (Washington, DCus; 63 members)
# Citrus Heights Messies Anonymous (Citrus Heights, CAus; 13 members)

Passed on by Lori Burkart
'A Hoarders' and Clutterers' Support Group has been formed in San
Francisco and meets twice a month....

'The flyer reads:
"For Mental Health Consumers who have too much stuff and want help, the
San Francisco Mental Health Association's Consumer Housing Group
presents a Hoarders' and Clutterers' Support Group"

Subject: RE: Hoarders and Clutterers Support Group
From: "Mental Health Association of San Francisco" <info@mha-sf.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 09:31:26 -0800

Dear Dan,

Our support group does still exist and meets the 2nd Mondays and 4th
Wednesdays of every month.  The time is always 6-7pm.  The location is
870 Market Street, Suite 622 S.F. CA 94102

However it is important to note that the suite location is subject to
change because of availability.  For that reasons please call first to
find out the suite number prior to arriving, or they will be a sign
posted outside of suite 928 advising of the location.

Antonio is the staff person who runs the group; please call him if you
have further question at (415) 421-2926 ext. 306

Donice Carter
Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Mental Health Association of San Francisco
870 Market Street, Suite 928
San Francisco, CA 94102
415-421-2926 (phone)
415-421-2928 (fax)

Informal: Minnesota; around St. Louis Park/Edina/Golden Valley
--someone who can't currently get to the CLA meetings would like to
meet informally. Call Zola at (612) 921-4917.

Useful Books, etc.

Barb Rogers, _Clutter Junkie No More_
Sandra Felton. THE MESSIES MANUAL: The Procrastinator's Guide to Good
THE MESSIES SUPERGUIDE: Strategies and Ideas for Conquering
Catastrophic Living.
Don Aslett: Clutter's Last Stand, Not For Pack Rats Only, How do I
Clean the Moosehead?
Stephanie Culp: How to Organize, How to Simplify Your Life
Young and Jones, Sidetracked Home Executives (Warner 1981)
Young and Jones, The Sidetracked Sisters Catch-up on the Kitchen
(Warner 1983)
Young and Jones, The Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File (Warner 1985)
Young and Jones, Get Your Act Together (Harper Collins 1993).
(....) SHE and GYAT can usually be found at large chain bookstores or
Christian bookstores (these are not "Christian" publications, per se).
the sisters themselves peddle a variety of SHE items.... Address is:
Sidetracked Home Executives, Inc.
P. O. Box 5364
Vancouver, WA 98668 [360] 696-4091
"Confessions of an Organized Homemaker" by Deniece Schofield.
(Publisher: Betterway Books, Cincinnati OH. The cover lists it at
10.99US, 15.99CAN, 7.99UK).
"Lighten Up! Free Yourself From Clutter," by Michelle Passoff, Harper
Collins Publishers, 1998.  ISBN 0-06-095265-2.

http://www.clutterclarity.com; website of a professional organizer who
has tips on doing your own decluttering.

Fri, 23 Jan 1998
cleaning tools

I follow Don Aslett's book Is There Life After Housework. You can get
his catalog 1-800-451-2402. I use his mop, it's called a scrubbee doo.

He explains how to use the right cleaning tools, and cleaning products.


Sat, 11 April 1998
Mycala W Shaulis
Kitchen Web Link


It covers not just the kitchen, but virtually every room in the house.

Mon, 28 Jun 1999
Katrina Ancel
organizing Link

Thought I'd pass this one along..it is the Professional  Web
Ring...tons of info on getting organized at the home site, plus since
it's a ring they link to other sites on the topic..


Jeri Dansky <jdorganizer@earthlink.net>
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 15:51:49 -0800

While this is a ring of Professional Organizers, you might also want to
note the site of the National Association of Professional Organizers, at

Jeri Dansky <jdorganizer@earthlink.net>
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 15:51:49 -0800

Link doesn't work on this one - looks like it should be
http://www.wecosoft.com/geniescorner/index.asp instead:

Chore Genie is a shareware application that helps to schedule your
household chores, includes a menu-builder and a to-do list.... We offer
tips and worksheets for getting started, which can be viewed on our web
site at [see abovel.... We even have an email loop anyone can join by
sending me a request to GenieMail@wecosoft.com. The email loop has tips
for using the program as well as general topics for staying motivated,
getting started and anything else that is on topic. Anyone is welcome
to join!

From: naomiy
[1] Found a neat web site! (Pun intended)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999

Check out: http://www.organizedhome.com./

A bit advanced for some of us maybe, but there are lots of good
resources here!

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