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Celebrating Christmas is Sinful

Von: Rev. Daniel Strobel (rdstrobel@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 20.12.2008 07:29
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Celebrating Christmas is Sinful

Celebrating Christmas, and all other celebrations are AGAINST the will
of God.  Yet, we continue to practice this ritual despite the will of
God, condoning it.  We were placed on this earth for only one reason,
and that is to suffer.  God wants us to suffer, and to cry, and to be
punished by burning in hell if we do not suffer on this earth.  I'm
not just speaking about the satanic version of Christmas, where people
belong to the Santa cult, which is just Satan intentionally
mis-spelled to cover up the evil.  I'm talking about even those who
practice faith, yet they continue to celebrate both christian and
non-christian holidays and celebrate in other aspects of their lives.
Celebration in ALL forms is against the will of God.  We must pass and
forget the pleasures of the flesh each and every day.  Celebrating
anything, whether it be Christmas, or anything else is a violation of
God's will for us as human beings.  We were placed here in this life
to suffer, and every time we stop suffering we earn another point
toward hell.

Celebrations of any kind are nothing minor when it comes to
sinfulness.  While they are not as bad as the capital sins, such as
lust, fornication, immorality, adultery, gluttony, drinking, smoking,
as well as the most severe sin of murder, but celebrating is just
another of many of the evil sins practiced by mankind.  All of them
are sin, all of them earn us more points toward hell.  If we truely
love God, and want to please him, we must suffer each and every moment
of our lives.  Only then can we achive eternal salvation in heaven,
where we will never suffer again.

God provides us plenty of opportunities to suffer.  From disease,
storms, plagues, pestulance, hunger, war, disasters, and finally our
death and the death of others around us.  These are the things we must
concentrate on, and enhance.  We were not placed on this earth to
acquire material possessions, particularly those from which we derive
pleasure, such as televisions, music, dance, and foods of pleasure.
We must only own those possessions which are vital to our survival,
which include but are not limited to plain clothing and meager shelter
to protect our bodies from the elements, basic natural foods, tools
and machinery to assist us in growing our food and building our homes.
However, our diets must be bland and tasteless.  Our clothing shall be
plain and unattractive, only serving to protect our bodies from the
elements, not to express fashion or entice members of the opposite
sex.  We shall only engage in sexality to reproduce, and shall never
experience pleasure during the process.  We were only placed on this
earth to worship the creator, reproduce, survive, and die.  All
unnecessary material possessions are only distractions from the
worship of God.

Some may ask why God provides certain people with more suffering than
others.  The answer lies in the method by which each individual is
conceived.  If the parents conceive the child by pleasureful
intercourse, this child will suffer more than the child conceived
naturally by those who perform intercourse merely to reproduce and
abstain from all pleasure during the exchange.   Thus, your destiny of
pain in life is acquired and determined prior to birth and at the time
of conception.  This is why any couple who engages in pleasureful sex,
who conceives offspring, sentences that offspring to a life of more
severe pain and suffering than those conceived without pleasure.

While we inhabit this planet, our first duty is to serve God.  Our
next duty is to serve our fellow man, and God's other living creatures
such as the animals, as well as to protect the ground upon which we
stand.   Our final duty is to survive so we can worship the creator.
Anything and everything else we as humans do on this earth is shallow
and meaningless, and most often sinful in nature.

This is Christmas time.  A time to reflect the birth of the son of
God, Jesus Christ in prayer.  We are not to decorate trees, buy gifts,
or celebrate in any manner.  These things are only distractions from
the worship of God and are sinful in nature.   Our one and only
purpose in this life is to suffer, to prove our love for God.  We must
suffer now, on this earth, so we will no longer have to suffer when we
enter the kingdom of heaven.  If you want to do the will of God this
Christmas, throw away all the material distractions, all the
decorations, all the gifts and pleasure foods.  Then get on your knees
and praise God, and thank him for your sufferings.  Thank him for all
the pain he has given you to endure in the past year, and ask him to
forgive you for all your past pleasures.  God knows that we live in a
world that deceives us.   Commercialism and consumerism surround us.
It's easy to be lead astray.   If you've been lead astray, it's time
to come back to God.  God will forgive your past sins, but you must
spend the rest of your life suffering for God.  Only then will you
achieve eternal salvation next to God himself.

The days are running short for the people of this planet.  We must
begin to worship God now, and suffer for him.  We soon will all depart
this planet earth, and those who do not prove to God they are worthy
of heaven, will spend eternity in hell.  Soon there will not be any
more time to fulfill the desires of God.  You must begin now or you
shall burn in hell for all eternity.

If you're ready to fulfill the will of God, begin by getting rid of
all your material possessions, except those required for your
survival.  Strip yourself naked and then wrap your body in a plain,
non-colored fabric to protect your body from the elements.  Get rid of
all the sinful "luxuries" in your life, which includes all homes which
provide more space than needed to provide shelter to survive.  Once
you've eliminated all these anti-God distractions from our lives, and
are willing to suffer for God, you will be ready to serve the Lord in
the manner he intended.

Once you enter the kingdom of heaven, your suffering will stop for all
Are you willing to suffer the 60 or 70 years we spend on this earth,
(sometimes less), to achieve an eternity of happiness?  This life is
merely a stepping stone in the journey to heaven.  A brief moment in
eternity.  Follow the will of God at this moment in time, which we
call "life on Earth" will soon be over.  Then and only then will we
find happiness.

This planet has no happiness to offer.  Many believe they find it for
brief moments of time, only to lose it and suffer more because of
their lack of following the ways of God.  We as human beings have no
say in our destiny, but those of us who seek pleasure will suffer more
later.  This is just part of the balance.  The object is to seek pain,
and to suffer.  Those who suffer, will regularly find moments without
pain.  These moments are our reward for following the will of God, but
we must not use those moments to seek pleasure, or we will soon be
tossed right back into pain.  Adhere by these words and you shall find
happiness in heaven.

God wants us to suffer in life so that we can learn how to love in
death.  His desire for us to suffer and his desire for us to
inevitably die both prove how much he loves us.

This is the will of God.  Are you prepared to serve him?

Begin this Christmas by fulfilling God's will......

Rev. Daniel Strobel
Life Ministry

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