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Collage prints unique and easy

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Datum: 14.12.2009 08:43
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Celebrate all your favorites moments in life by making a gorgeous
photo collage on ZoomIn, in minutes. Now, don’t just frame one or two
photos, combine your photos – of baby, marriage, and that memorable
vacation – into a beautiful, frame-worthy Collage. ZoomIn collage
prints are stunning, and will keep you smiling.

Order a collage print to easily display and celebrate all your
favorites’ photos. A collage poster is perfect and frame-worthy when
you want to display multiple photos together – of the party, as a
memento, or simply to hold close all those memories: of school,
college, marriage and more. You can also add frames, clipart,
backgrounds and text, using one of our ready-to-use themes.

A collage poster is a simple and beautiful way to display your
favorites photos from the year, or the last two decades. Zoomin’s
premium quality paper and printing ensure that your long lasting
collage will be frame-worthy. It’s easy to get creative with your
photos and our graphics to express your unique story, so start now

A collage poster makes a great gift: it’s a super way to share school
and college memories with friends, baby’s first two years’ photos with
grandparents, and a wedding or party memories with dear friends and

To get more go to http://www.zoomin.com/collage

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