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Bullshit! CharlieChronocidal Charlie09.06.10
They keep getting dumber.S.LaRocca08.06.10
Pick of the Day!!!!Tim and Lisa08.06.10
4 Yew Michael....;o)Tim and Lisa08.06.10
Right on, Andy Rooney !Tim and Lisa08.06.10
More finds(David P.)08.06.10
Time may best treatment for back pain(David P.)08.06.10
Overpacked for Jailtedw08.06.10
Roy D. MercerS.LaRocca08.06.10
?No one wants to be responsible,? he said. ?The...(David P.)08.06.10
Can I come back and play?JimB08.06.10
The Internet is EVIL. Your soul is in severe da...peter.marshall@pe...07.06.10
Contempt Prior to Investigation Bait and SwitchBeale Dubbleyou07.06.10
The 70'sS.LaRocca07.06.10
Ahh haa, I knew itS.LaRocca07.06.10
Absewfsckenbootableful!Charlie L.07.06.10
End gameMark Warner07.06.10
Did you ever notice ?S.LaRocca07.06.10
No Money Blues(David P.)07.06.10
Bottle o' wine - Harris Bros.(David P.)07.06.10
The Deviltedw07.06.10
The revolution continues. Your participation is...David07.06.10
The revolution continues. Your participation is...David07.06.10
Preparatory Steps or Yo Johnny ;-)Charlie L.07.06.10
OT Ubuntu Uninstall????Johnny06.06.10
Test - Ignoreignore06.06.10
The amazing LimbarfS.LaRocca06.06.10
Alt.Recovery.AA FAQ pointer5f8306.06.10
Song's of the Day....;o)Tim and Lisa05.06.10
Thank Gawd for WillieS.LaRocca05.06.10
Where Hell My Shabby Goy?Chronocidal Charlie05.06.10
Belmont Day(David P.)05.06.10
Good, Old Age, Emotional, Physical 'nd Spiritua...Chronocidal Charlie05.06.10
Another Satisfied Convert Here Mark ;-)Chronocidal Charlie05.06.10
Another Dog Story (those chip things really work)F.H.05.06.10
Temple yard sailing(David P.)04.06.10
Ptuj, Slovenia(David P.)04.06.10
Last night at the camp(David P.)04.06.10
What would you do ?S.LaRocca04.06.10
Just a link "Spiritual vs Religious"Johnny03.06.10
The Philosophy of Ambiguity and the Idiosyncras...jimbo03.06.10
A Passive Aggressive Persona Post ;-)Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
Sumpin Sort of Uniquish Mark ;-)Charlie L.03.06.10
If Ms. Gallagher Only Knew ;-)Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
Tejas Poolz Rulz!Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
Must Be a Good Day ;-)Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
Lil Lady Was Rite ;-)Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
Yo Ron G.Chronocidal Charlie03.06.10
"Belmont: Not your typical racetrack"(David P.)03.06.10