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The twelve steps from the Ten Commandments.

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d financial system i'll make crackThePurpose01.05.10
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The Sabbatarians dispute the Sabbath being chan...old man joe07.02.10
the many charges against Catholicism is also th...old man joe30.01.10
Instead of emotional outbursts, why don't the C...old man joe29.01.10
the graven image and the Catholic are inseparab...old man joe29.01.10
and as many as had been appointed to eternal li...old man joe29.01.10
Catholics would not find heaven a worthwhile pl...old man joe28.01.10
If water Baptism saves as the RC Catechism says...old man joe28.01.10
The Temple of Isis, " Queen of Heaven, " of pag...old man joe28.01.10
Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, ne...old man joe22.01.10
The Clergy... an utterly laughable bunch of sel...old man joe19.01.10
Earning credits towards salvation by keeping th...old man joe19.01.10
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Perverting Ja. 2:24 has millions of people trus...old man joe15.01.10
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The wages of Original Sin is death ( Ro. 6:23 )...old man joe12.01.10
You dont have to be a member of a cult to find ...old man joe12.01.10
Christianity at its best... aborted fetuses thr...old man joe11.01.10
How to ' ping ' the Living God... 2 Tim 3:16old man joe08.01.10
The rich man also died, and was buried ( Lk. 16...old man joe08.01.10
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the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ...old man joe07.01.10
The Protestants, in keeping with Catholic tradi...old man joe07.01.10
Believing which is not salvation as in Acts 8:9...old man joe04.01.10
By there own admission the Evolutionists say ev...old man joe01.01.10
even denying the Lord that bought them... 2 Pet...old man joe31.12.09
Shouting they say " Jehovah's Witnesses represe...old man joe31.12.09
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Collage prints unique and easykareena kapoor14.12.09
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