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Case study: anti-Islam troll behavior and attitude analyzed!!

Von: Firnando (geovani_the_italian@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 16:24
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Case study: anti-Islam troll behavior and attitude analyzed!!

Few anti-Islam trolls (or quite possibly only one with many identities) are
targeting Newsgroups

Let take a closer look into the mind of the troll and how you can spot one
in real life.

First a look into what anti-Islam troll aims for and why he does what he

- The first aim of a troll all trolls online is to get a response from a
group of people

This is a clear sign that a troll doesn't have the kind of human contact he
would like to have in his life and doesn't get the kind of attention he
wants. People who he admires, or with whom he would like to be associated,
is not accessible to him, don't really care about him or don't even notice
him, because he doesn't have the characteristics required or in their
opinion is "inferior" in their social ladder. He is afraid to go and talk to
those people to gain the acceptance needed to get in the "in-crowd", so he
chooses an easier way of attracting attention... trolling.

A few of the groups with who trolls would like to be associated or
befriended, but sadly fail, are:

* Those of the opposite sex (very few trolls have girlfriends) * people who
are socially popular (e.g. party animals and the "comedians" in a group)
* People with financial or educational success or otherwise a promising
* People that are stronger, healthier, more intelligent or more beautiful
than the troll or people in general
* Happy people (he wants to be happy, but hates them)

- The second aim of a troll is to offend people

A troll usually has an inferiority complex of some sort. Trolling for him is
a way to feel powerful (often the only way). He has been offended and hurt
at some point in his life and quite possibly is a victim of bullying at
school or work and now that he gets to troll a group, it feels like a
payback time for him. Many of the trolls are also bullies in real life and
pick fights with those who can't or don't dare to defend themselves. To
trolls trolling is just like
Stealing lollipop from an 8-year-old; i.e. easy and rewarding and one hell
of a power trip. In real life it is quite rare for a troll to pick a fight
with someone bigger than him and trolls rarely like challenges, are it
intellectual or physical. Trolling on the internet gives them the
opportunity to pick a fight with anybody without the fear of losing and
being ridiculed by on-lookers. Trolling for a troll is a sure-win situation
with no risks attached... or so he thinks.

- The third aim of a troll is to have fun and entertain himself

The real life of a troll is usually dull and he usually has too much time in
his hands. In Real Life trolls are not funny or entertaining in any way or
have a sense of humor that very few shares with them (usually only other
trolls who are as stupid as the troll himself). This is why they don't have
(m) any friends or anybody to have real fun with, or at least the kind of
fun they'd like to have. They spend a lot of time with computers and for
many the internet is the only way to communicate with other people outside
their family or the circle of a few like-minded "friends". The humor of a
troll is usually low-brow and childish and almost always sexually explicit
(in their case always
A sign of inexperience in sexual matters). Very seldom is a troll original
or clever, which partly explains why they are so socially excluded.

- The fourth aim of a troll is to entertain others

When trolling, one gets to become the class-clown that one never was in real
life. A troll hopes to get positive feedback from those with predisposition
to similar disturbed behavior and similar sense of childish and stupid
humor. Very rarely does a troll succeed in this, but when he does, it really
makes his day and may give him energy to keep on trolling for months. A
positive note from someone is as big a high for a troll as a negative one.
If you want to get rid of a troll, do not respond!

- The fifth aim of a troll is to have people believe he is someone else

A troll is not happy with who he is (here's the inferiority complex again),
so he tries to come up with different personalities and pretends to be them.
The internet to a troll is like the mask in The Mask (you remember the Jim
Carrey movie?). He can be whatever he wants to be or what he is, or believes
to be, *really* inside. He gets to be
Sick as fuck, rude as a cock and mean as a motherfucker! Pretty much every
troll has many different personalities in one forum, so that people believe
that there are many of them spelling their dung all over the place. The
trolling personalities take many forms, but deep down they're all the
same... sad, disturbed and pathetic. A troll also believes that a lot of
people do what he does (learned it from other forums with one troll
pretending to be many trolls) and thinks it is normal to entertain oneself
with that sort of behavior. Of course, trolling is a perversion and should
be treated as such! A troll usually attacks only one forum, sometimes two or
maybe three, but very rarely more than that, because most trolls don't want
to go through the effort of looking up more forums to fuck up or don't have
the intellectual capability of keeping up with replies from more groups than
just a few. The most twisted ones, aka the 100% trolls (see later in the
post), who live for trolling 24/7, may take over more forums, but in these
sad cases we're talking about someone who is, or who definitely should be,
under some serious medication or locked up in a nut house.

Generally speaking these are the basic factors that motivate someone to
become a troll. There surely are others too, but there is no need to go
through them here. If the motivational factors are of more interest, do a
web search with key words +"personality disorder" +anti-social +"sexual
frustration" +"penis envy on males" +"problem
Child" +bullying +"low IQ" +"mental retardation" +treatment and
complex". Basically any literature on the subject of personality disorders
and schizophrenia is a good read for anyone interested in the personality
traits of a troll.

So how do you spot a troll in real life then?

That's easy. If more than 5 points apply to a person in the following list
of characteristics, and he owns a computer or has access to one regularly,
he is likely to be a troll. The more there are points that apply, the more
likely it is that he is a troll. If all apply, he is a troll with 100%
certainty and quite possibly the 100% troll mentioned earlier:

The person:
- is male (very very few trolls are female)
- is a loner
- doesn't have hobbies
- looks "bland" (i.e. no personality) or is ugly as hell
- bullies (weaker) people
- has bad handwriting
- likes to torture animals (e.g. insects)
- picks fights with people who have no interest in fighting him or don't
dare to fight him
- vandalizes public property
- Loves his mother more than is healthy
- Hates his father more than is healthy
- gives up easily on things that take effort or require responsibility (like
relationships with real people)
- laughs at his own jokes (while no one else does)
- does not take part in intellectually challenging arguments or
conversations with people who stand a chance in arguing with him, but does
often so when he's by himself (!!!) or with someone who's thick enough and
has no idea what he's talking about (i.e. another troll or his "only friend
- cannot behave himself even when someone "important" is around (much less
when he's by himself)
- collects dead animals
- carries sharp objects "just in case"
- buries all his belongings in the backyard "just in case"
- Spies on women in showers
- masturbates in public
- In internet cafes or libraries with public internet access, he is the only
one laughing at *something* by the computer... alone
- when he's not chatting or writing something on the computer, he's surfing
hacker sites or reading out loud posts of other trolls (and the replies to
them) or if he is one of the dumber ones, downloading porn ... and laughing
out loud
- wears a t-shirt with something "witty" (in his opinion) printed on the
front like "I'm the one your mother warned you about" or "No one knows I'm
lesbian" or just a simple "Fuck You!" (Please note that a Mad Magazine
t-shirt is a sure sign of one being a troll and a retard as well!)

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