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Morning Stars II - Chapter 6 - the Noahide Temple and the Court of the Noahides

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Chapter Six

‘I know the fervour has died down now, Val.  I know.  But thinking
about it we are probably going to have to be patient.’

‘And the objectives are still the same, Danny boy?’

‘Yes, still the same.  Eternal Overlords of the Realm of Eternity.’

‘Good.  Glad to hear.’

‘Now, I have been thinking Vally boy.’

‘Don’t call me that.’

‘Yes.  I have been thinking Vally boy, we may indeed have to be
patient.  But the prophecy has potential it Michael indeed, as is
rumoured, chooses Raphael as his replacement.’

‘It works for me.’

‘That makes Uriel number four.’

‘So we have to strike after Uriel.’

‘Yes.  I guess so,’ responded Daniel.  ‘So we have lots of work to do
in preparation for that time.  It won’t come easily.  It won’t come
quickly.  But it will come.’

‘So keep the faith Kemosabe.’

‘Very funny Vally boy.  Very funny.’

*   *   *   *   *

Callodyn was looking at the historical document on Judaism around the
time of Jesus.  He was bothered.  Bothered by a particular subject.
Callodyn had been a Noahide as human, and while not exactly proud of
being a Noahide, as he disdained pride, he was not ashamed either.
But looking at the map of the ancient temple of Israel, noting a court
for the Jews, a court for the women and then a court for the gentiles,
he realized just how strongly the temple builders had been in their
discrimination of non-Jewish people, who Callodyn knew as Noahides.
And thinking that he decided something he had long been delaying.  The
building of an official Noahide Temple on New Terra.  One to represent
not just Haven Noahide Fellowship, but all the children of Noah.  And
thinking on that he suddenly had a most acute idea about how to
implement an object lesson which he really, now, felt was particularly

*   *   *   *   *

Callodyn looked at temple as it was nearly finished in its ambitious
building plans.  They had purchased land near New York, just up north,
on New Terra, and the temple was looking splendid.  Everyone was
looking forward to the opening, and many important dignitaries had
been invited.  Many important ones indeed.

*   *   *   *   *

‘Yes, David, this is the court of the Noahides.’

‘It’s wonderful,’ said David, Meludiel and a host of elders of Israel
near him.  The ceremony was just about to get under way and the
promised celebration had been anticipated by many.

Jacob looked at Callodyn.  ‘So, were do we sit?’

‘Yes, were,’ asked the lawgiver Moses.

‘Well, this is the central court, in true Noahide faith.  But, of
course, we can not forget our esteemed Jewish brothers and, in the
tradition of the ancient temple of Jerusalem, with have mirrored this
for the Noahide temple.  We only felt it was appropriate,’ said

‘We are not in the holy place?’ are we, asked Moses.

‘Not exactly,’ said Callodyn.  ‘Can you all follow me.’

‘Lead on,’ said Jesus, one of the guests.

Callodyn made his way out of the main court into a back court,
shielded but with a dim looking glass in between the courts.
‘Naturally, as the temple of Israel distinguished between Jews and
Gentiles, we only felt it appropriate to continue the tradition.  Thus
this court is the court of Abraham.  Children of Abraham may dwell

‘Oh,’ said Ambriel, slightly disappointed, but not saying anything.
‘Yes, I guess I understand.’

‘Oh, and Abraham himself has a special place.  Right at the back of
this court, behind another shield.’

‘I perfectly understand,’ said Abraham.

‘Good to hear,’ said Callodyn.  ‘I will have someone show you to your
place, Abraham.’

Callodyn continued, ‘Now Jacob, David, everyone.  We will continue.’
As he walked on, further down the corridor, they came to another outer
court, this time shielded by a thick wall with small peeking holes.

‘You can just see the Abrahamic court,’ said Callodyn.  ‘Now this, of
course, is the court of the Israelites, or Jews.  Abraham, of course,
is of an older covenant, so has a more esteemed place.  Honour your
father and your mother and all that.’

‘I perfectly understand,’ said Jacob.

‘Of course, Jacob has a special place, behind the court in his own
special room.  I will have someone show you to your place, Jacob.’

Callodyn continued.  ‘Now David, Jesus.  We could never possibly
forget the special house of David, now could we.  Such a  majestic

‘No.  No, of course we couldn’t,’ said Ambriel, through somewhat
gritted teeth.

‘And here we have the court of the house of David.’  They had just
gone down another corridor and down some steps into a rather dank
looking room, with some old broken chairs and a speaker hanging from a
rusty nail.  ‘The speaker will bring you the sermon.  It should be
good listening.  Oh, there is some apple juice as refreshment over on
the side table.’

Ambriel looked over to see a bottle of no-name brand apple juice and
some plastic tumblers.

‘Should be ideal, Callodyn,’ said Jesus.

‘Why, thank you,’ said Ambriel, ready to plunge daggers into his
younger cherubim brother.

‘Heh heh, don’t mention it said Callodyn, trying not to smirk.’

Callodyn continued.  ‘Now Moses, Aaron.  We have a special place for

Moses looked thoroughly dejected, and Aaron thought it best not to
comment.  They continued on, further down the stair way, coming to a
dimly lit room, which smelled like an old latrine, with a ripped up
seat which looked as if it had been ripped out of an old car sitting
in the room with nothing else, except some garments on a coathanger.

‘Oh, the garments.  They are sackcloth.  We deemed them appropriate,’
said Callodyn.  ‘And we haven’t forgotten the ashes.’

‘What are the ashes made from?’ inquired Moses gently.

‘Uh, better not to ask,’ said Callodyn.  ‘I don’t want to offend.

‘Well, thank you,’ said Moses.  ‘This should be ideal.’

‘We will notify you when the celebration is over,’ said Callodyn, a
mad grin on his face.  ‘I’ll send someone with a note.  Well, excuse
me.  I have much to do.’

As he left Moses looked at Aaron, shrugged, and put on the sackcloth.

‘We had this coming, didn’t we,’ said Aaron.

‘Oh well.  Such is life,’ responded the lawgiver, seeing the humour in
the situation.

Later on that afternoon, Callodyn had indeed sent a note, saying.  ‘It
was good.’

Moses nodded.

But, fortunately, by the mercies of God, Callodyn, when the day had
been done, ushered all his esteemed guests back into the court of the

‘Of course, we ARE all family, in the end, aren’t we David?’

‘Oh, yes,’ responded Ambriel.

‘And we ARE children of Noah, aren’t we Moses.’

Moses nodded.

‘So you are welcome in the court of the Noahides at any time in the
future.  That is if you can possibly dare entertain the notion of
mingling with us holy ones.

David smiled a coy smile and said ‘Oh, it would be lovely Callodyn.
Oh, so lovely.’

‘Glad to hear,’ responded the Cherubim instantly.  ‘Now may we all
shout an alleluia and hope everyone has learned an important lesson on
poetic justice.’

And they all shouted alleluia.

*   *   *   *   *

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