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Datum: 05.06.2010 17:55
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From all christian religions the International Bible Students and
their successors Jehovah's Witnesses and could it be the Dawn Bible
Students came close to the right understanding of the Bible on sexual
aspect of eternal life.
It is now in these last days that this aspect of sexual intimacy came
into full view and understanding which in turn proves we are living in
the endtme era.

God on purpose has kept this understanding secret for ages untill our
time just as the knowledge of the endtime era and the second coming of
Jesus and end of the world were kept secret.

Most christian religions are then dead wrong on the subject of
sexuality from eternal point of view as given in the Bible in a hidden

I wrote on the subject of sex in the past. It is crystal clear that
God's people will live on the earth in spiritual bodies which are
physical bodies made perfect in God's way: spiritual way.

Most people don't understand what is the resurrection body .It is
spiritual body that is physical body but made perfect and that is this
physical body is called a spiritual body.

Saved people will be living in a bodies that have limits in space so
they must have a shape and it is obvious they will have
eyes,hands ,legs and sexual organs.
Can  you imagine a sexless man ?
The beauty of woman is her sexual organs just as the beauty of man.

Since the earth will be filled sooner or later it is obvious that
sexual activities must be mostly for pleasure . When a need comes to
have a baby then a baby will be born .
Psalm 128 about blessings to  a God-fearing servant is a convincing
testimony that each servant of God will have a wife and children .
There were or are servants who now live a celibate life .If they go to
the Paradise the promise of God stands and they will have their wives.

Just this one reference Psalm 128  puts to rest all opposing views on
sex in the Paradise .
If you believe there will no sex in the future Paradise you dead wrong
and most likely in a false religion.

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