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Every group has a troll and "alt.religion.islam" is no exception.

Von: Islam Will Replace Collapsing Amerikan Empire (islam_to_replace_amerikan_empire@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.06.2010 16:53
Message-ID: <04831278-7d6f-4e1f-937a-36e2e7bee293@j4g2000yqh.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.religiontalk.religion.buddhism alt.religion.islamsoc.culture.jewish alt.christnet.christianlife
Every group has a troll and "alt.religion.islam" is no exception.

Few anti-Islam Trolls are Missing...

It is very quiet here at alt.religion.islam since few of our trolls
are missing...

Well, in the past at least two of anti-Islam trolls have made a clumsy
and embarrassed departure (only to creep back sheepishly after few
days later).

I'm rather concerned at these suddenly departures, unannounced and
unexplained. I have assumed that maybe they get restraining orders,
incarceration, heart-attacks, committed suicide, admission to mental
hospital, murdered or killed in car accident: So I'm always vaguely
relieved when one or any of them reappears, even if he is using the
same old dirty tricks such forgeries and spam

A List of Missing Trolls

"RBRK" ip
"Mitchell Holman"  ip
"juno Forger" ip
"Sirknight67" ip
"yaako forger" ip
"saix.net imposter" ip
"daveonline1969" ip


A set of anti-Islam trolls missing in action

1)- ip  Singapore
2)- ip comcast.net Vancouver,  Washington, USA
3)- ip dedibox.fr France
4)- ip schlund.de Germany
5)- ip vodacom.co.za South Africa
6)- ip rr.com Albany, New York, USA
7)- ip poundhost.com UK
8)- ip  mtn.co.za South Africa
9)- ip swipnet.se Sweden
10)- ip yaako.com China
11)- ip ethr.net. Chicago,  Illinois, USA
12)- ip nnfiber.net  Chicago, Illinois, USA
13)- ip layeredtech.com  Alexandria,  Virginia, USA
14)- ip waveform.net  Waterford, Michigan, USA
15)- ip andrew.cmu.edu  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
16)- ip  globalcore.net Vienna, Austria
17)- ip IPX-Server-NET Berlin, Germany
18)- ip  verizon.net  State College, Pennsylvania, USA
19)- ip tbcn.telia.com  Stockholm Sweden
20)- ip theplanet.com USA
21)- ip  elisa.fi  Tampere Finland

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