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Great World Architecture

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Datum: 06.06.2010 14:34
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My latest book from the Folio Society arrived.

"World Architecture - The Masterworks"
Will Price, 200 Thames and Hudson, London

It is a beautiful volume with lavish photographs
of stunning buildings.. and this is how it begins:

"Nearly all the world's major architectural traditions originally
evolved in response to the needs of religious practice. Buildings not
only provided practical places to worship in groups but also gave
symbolic form to religious values and history. The largest religions -
Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity - each founded it's own rich
architectural tradition. Periodically these influenced each other,
regardless of whether their teachings were at that time perceived as
being compatible or contradictory. The subsequent development of these
traditions was transformed by an enormous number of other factors, such
as the availability of materials and the secular requirements of the
societies they served, be they military, political or economic. Other
secular building types such as palaces and forts were important, but
their architectural characteristics, such as the iwanor Gothic arch,
tended to have been pioneered in churches and mosques. And only religion
consistently justified the colossal investment of time and resources
necessary for the pursuit of aesthetic perfection."

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