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The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny

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Datum: 08.06.2010 22:58
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The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is a saga spanning the lives
of the Children and Angels of God.  God created ‘Home’ first of all,
were his first son ‘Metatron’ lived with the soon two other created
beings – the two ‘Word’s’ of God, the ‘Logos’ and the ‘Memra
’ – male
and female.  God himself lived at home from time to time with
Metatron, Logos and Memra.  And then came the first of the realms, the
Realm of Heaven, in which the precious 70 children of God, the
firstborn of which were Adam and Eve, came to live.  After Heaven came
the Realm of Infinity, were the first 70 Onaphim angels of God came to
be.  Logos watches over the realm of Infinity.  And then came forth
the Realm of Eternity, were the 140 Seraphim Angels came to be born.
Then, Earth, and the physical universe, where the children and Angels
of God taste of their human incarnations.  And then the return to the
heavenly realms, and the new realms of Paradise and Splendour amongst
others.  Arc 1 completes the first million years since the creation of
Home.  Each Arc lasts one million years.  Apart from Volume Zero for
the first Arc, there are 12 Volumes in each Arc.

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