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(rev 1.2.2) Cause and Mechanism of Sleep - {FPP 20100404-I-V1.2.2} (Fine Particle Physics) (incl. Definition of Intelligence and Stupidity)

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Preamble (of 20100518, revised 20100607)

You have been made, and are being kept (by Criminal Minds) so
INCONCEIVABLY, so Destructively, so Nauseatingly Stupid... *(a)

that you even DENY the existence, in "science," of those
(of Criminal Minds) who MAKE you so, and you are made to
DENY (by Criminal Minds) HOW they do so,

not to mention, your desire or compulsion - which is inflicted
in you equally by Criminal Minds, and of which you are equally
made to DENY, HOW they do so - to KEEP yourself and to KEEP
others that INCONCEIVABLY, that Destructively and Nauseatingly

- but you certainly know

of Criminal Minds (including such who are teachers
or parents or religious leaders or government
personnel, and you know of any other dictators)

that THESE WANT TO KEEP YOU STUPID, and spiritually
blind, imperceptive of who THEY are, and you certainly
know, that THESE feel, that

keeping you Stupid, and imperceptive (Blind), *(a)

while they CLAIM they "educate" you, and CLAIM "to
ensure, that you do the best for yourself and for
others," and CLAIM, that "they make you more

- clever Criminal Minds have everything
CLEVERLY 'in reverse' -

they do in fact keep you Stupid, and imperceptive

so that Criminal Minds and their followers remain in
their positions undetected, and paid by you or by
the community,

as "researchers," as "religious leaders," as
"teachers," as dictators of Stupidity and

they keep you Stupid in things that DO matter and
that THEY "know" to be vitally true,

indeed THEY - Criminal Minds - know, that keeping
you Stupid About Life

(being Stupid About Life - abbreviated 'SAL,'
if you like)

is the ONLY WAY to "govern" you, or to control children,

and indeed THEY can only "govern" you, "care for
you," and remain in charge of you,

BY making you Stupid and making you KEEP yourself
and others INCONCEIVABLY and Destructively Stupid,
so much so, *(a)

that you WITHDRAW from actual science: from understanding life
itself; and you are made and remain that inconceivably Stupid,

that you wait for "Evolution," or else for "Salvation," or else
for medical "science" or the "science" of physics, to come by
or advance,

and "automatically" to make you - or if not you, then at least
your children - 'intelligent and happy and healthy,'

with Criminal Minds demanding of you, and then convincing

that you "are innovative," that you "are remedying the
existing suffering," and that you "are caring for others,"
and "support good, charitable purposes,"

in other words, they USE your very good intentions,
and bend these around,

while they still maintain the FEELING IN YOU, that
"you are a very caring person"

...taking an aspirin tablet when a Criminal
Mind "hits" you with Pain Energy Particles
into your head,

really ...you can't even care for yourself,
yet you have VERY BIG MOUTHS

(Very Big Mouths, abbreviated 'VBM,'
if you like)

about "caring for others," telling others
"what is best for them"

...in your chemical "Brave New World," or in your striving for
a spiritual "Nirvana," or else, in expecting your next life time
to be "in Paradise" or "in Heaven,"*

according to your cultural upbringing,

or much rather, as a result of the LACK of actual
Culture and actual Upbringing, and as a result of

your LACK of ACTUAL Science,

which you indeed sorely suffer.

And the more you escape Life, and refuse to
engage in life, the more you (and others) will

the less you (and others) will be able to
enjoy life.


You have been made and are kept THAT inconceivably Insane,*

more so:


because Criminal Minds have (their "science" has)
destroyed the (and your natural) understanding of
perception, of awareness and of memory,

which are all done with Life Energy Particles,

and which the Criminal Minds, like
the French Lavoisier and the American
Benjamin Franklin, both then in Paris,

maliciously DENIED even to exist(!)

- BECAUSE perception, also your
perceiving photons, is done
entirely with Life Energy

and you can thus perceive and
detect them as being Criminal
Minds* -

Life Energy (which is Life itself,
really) to exist,

Life which they "REPLACED" with photons
and molecules,

as nowadays you are "taught" still
in school and college, and on
National Public Radio (in the USA)
and on the BBC (in the UK).

A few hundred years ago THE authority on
science was the 'Academie Francaise,'
and with the "scientific" reports from
Lavoisier and Benjamin Franklin, they
threw out 90 percent of science, and

by far the most important part of
science, at that;

indeed as you get older, you are likely

- with the current level, of ninety
percent of "science" lacking -

less and less to stand up to the Harmful
Energies inflicted constantly on you and
in your body, and you can less and less
oppose the Pulling away of your own Healthy
Life Energies

by Criminal Minds - incarnate, or not
presently incarnate - inflicted on you
and your body,

from the day you are born.

So, Criminal Minds are not going to let
you in on that (on understanding LIFE
and thus on understanding what they do
to you)

and Criminal Minds also DO NOT
"evolve" into "becoming more
aware of spiritual things:"


'THEY do know bloody well!' what they
are doing to you, and to your health,

also during your sleep: to incapacitate you
and obtain your Life Energies.

THEY are NOT going to let you in on that, so
that you will not be able to defend yourself,
and your body, and others, from them.


The licensed medicos will never
rise above the level of Quacks,

destructive, dangerous
quacks that can and likely

as already (the probably
sanest ever French citizen,
called) Voltaire, did
recognize, and wrote about
the medicos,

with their, ENTIRELY

their Cartesian or
molecularly idea "of
Life," keeping to

DENYING 90 percent of
relevant science,

they will remain DANGEROUS

unless and until they embrace
Fine Particle Physics, which
deals with ninety percent of
their trade, but which their
peer-reviewed "science" does
maliciously DENY.

Talking about FRAUD!



...that THEY develop and teach you actual science?

Yes, you indeed do expect that, that THOSE who will do
anything to permanently hide truth, and to make or keep
you Blind also to recognizing who is who,*

that THEY "will research or teach the truth," and that
THEY "intend," as they claim, "to improve Life."

You actually do allow Criminal Minds to be "experts," or also
"teachers" in school, and at Universities, and in scientific
research institutes, and in determining the financing of these:

that THEY safeguard, actual science.

Which provokes the comment in English slang
'Give me a break!' or in more understandable
form for the foreign language reader:

That is the pinnacle (maximum) of Stupidity. *(a)

And it points up, how far down they - Criminal Minds - brought

End of preamble




Cause and Mechanism of Sleep - {FPP}

4 April 2010
{FPP 20100404-I-V1.2.2}

(issued 9 Apr 2010)

(Version 1.2.2
on 8 Jun 2010)

(Fine Particle Physics)



"Until philosophers are statesmen, or the statesmen
of this planet have the spirit and the power of
philosophy [of the Human Rights Issues]

and political greatness and wisdom meet in one,

and, until those common natures who refuse to
combine those two required qualities, are kept
away from governing [or necessarily removed by
using The First International Law on them]

until then, neither states, nor the human race,
I do believe, will ever have rest from their Evils,

and only when such natures are kept away from
governing, will countries have a possibility of
life and behold the light of day."

The Republic (Book V) - Plato (me)



Sleep appears to be the Infliction of Ugliness Energy* that carries
the purpose or intention, to diminish your desire to experience the
Joy of Life and Life in general

- to make it feel unpleasant or repulsive, to continue to
experience Life,

and that Ugliness Energy is inflicted

(or, already inflicted, related Ugliness Energies and Compulsion
Energies, are touched upon

by the projection of the corresponding Ugliness Energies,

and the residual, dormant Energies inflicted in the past, are
thus activated)

with the intention, that 'only actually GOING TO SLEEP' (will remedy

sleep meaning:

'The INFLICTION of, and IMMERSION IN Unconsciousness Energy,*

and the Extraction of your Awareness or Perception Energy* '

- so that you do not have anymore the Energy by which you

and so you can also not perceive anymore the
inflicted 'sleep' Energies themselves,

you "don't know anymore, how you fell asleep," nor

any other Ugliness and Unconsciousness etc. Energies,
being inflicted on you or on your body during your
sleep, or those already present in your environment or
in your body -

which defines 'actually being asleep;' and thus sleep

will prevent (you from having consciously to) Experience Ugly, Life-
repelling Energies

- those that were already present and are now stimulated or
"pushed into your face" in addition to those inflicted on
you newly -

meaning: to make you NOT feel the Ugliness inflicted, and make
you NOT being aware anymore, of Evil or Harmful Energies

(that however are ALSO) inflicted on you (when you do not
look, or can not look):

NOT feeling what is done to you, (what Energies are inflicted
on you)

so, that vampiring individuals can smash away your Life Energies,
can pull at your Life Energies, and can deceive you into letting
it happen or into your feeling relieved by complying, more easily
to obtain or to extract (and indeed they DO thus obtain) Life
Energies from your body, and from your soul,

witness the physical AND spiritual condition many people
are in, after they have slept, (with severe loss of Energy
from their body, and also from themselves, the soul)

and especially noticeable, when the process of hypnosis
has been interrupted prematurely, "when people have not
slept enough"

(the word 'hypnosis' is - quite correctly - derived
from the Greek word for 'sleep')

with, in many cases, the infliction of the post-hypnotic command
Energy during sleep (the command inflicted is), saying - or the
inflicted Energy is compelling the idea and feeling onto you, if
you like - that

{hypnotic command of sleep}:

"it is good and relaxing, to be Unaware for a while;"

"being aware of or experiencing (the) Ugliness, is
'damaging to the mind and to the body',"*

"and is 'thus' handled by NOT experiencing it, but
by agreeing to be immersed in Unconsciousness Energy

and by not opposing or by agreeing to have much
Awareness Energy (Energy for Connection to Life
and to the environment) taken away;"

in other words, 'that sequence of hypnotic commands, that
results in "agreeing to 'need sleep' for staying healthy
in body and mind".'



Your social stupidity, and the harm from it, is boundless and over-
flowing, in Flat Soul Earth, *

while your school, college and university "education" *

- and the way you thus "treat" your children, is of a 'soul
wincing' cruelty, that makes the Criminal Mind elated with
Joy - * (and)

is creating or allowing an Ice Age For The Soul, *

or maybe more fittingly,


(as in 'Degrading The Renaissance' - the Renaissance and
Baroque, that we created a few hundred years ago, and
which - thank God - has been recorded or conserved and
is thus for us to enjoy, still now ***).

Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Solomon's wisdom was greater
than the wisdom of
all the men of the East,
and greater
than all the wisdom of Egypt.'

1 Kings 4:30

(a)   Stupidity is defined as the opposite of Intelligence:

Intelligence is the ability to connect to relevant data
and to be able to reject irrelevant data.    {definition}

And thus it defines the opposite:

Stupidity is the (inflicted or ingrained or agreed upon or
to tell these apart from irrelevant data.          {definition}


*     See References, below.

**    Quotes on Johann Sebastian Bach:

"In Bach, the vital cells of music are united, as the world is
in God." *
- Gustav Mahler

"I listen to Bach to clear my head, first thing in the morning,
starting the day and last thing at night. He's my handle on the
possibility of continuing human-ness and human creativity in an
increasingly inhumane and destructive world."
- Pieter Pannevis

"Suddenly I felt that if I listened just close enough, Bach was
describing the construction of the Universe, the wind and the
water, earth and flame, God, man, and daemon inside these
pieces. How could one man ever know God that well?"
- Travis Hodgdon

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Copyright 2010 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
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about any organizations or individuals.
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