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Celtic and Old English Saints june 7

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Celtic and Old English Saints          7 June

* St. Colman of Dromore
* St. Meriadoc of Vannes

St. Colman (Mocholmoc) Bishop of Dromore
Born at Argyll, c. 516; died c. 610; he has a second feast on October
27. If you are confused by the many saints named Colman, there are 126
Irish saints bearing that illustrious name. Today's saint was the first
abbot of Muckmore, County Antrim, then chosen as the abbot-founder and
bishop of Dromore in County Down. He founded the See of Dromore, of
which he is patron and over which he presided as bishop. He set up a
small 'daub and wattle' church on this site in 510 AD. Probably thatched
with reeds from the River Lagan which flows beside it, this church site
has been, for the 15 centuries since, a location for the worship of
Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all humanity. Little evidence is available
for the first 700 years of St. Colman's Church nor is there any
indication of either its style or size.

He studied at Noendrum (Mahee Island), under St. Mochae or Coelan, one
of the earliest disciples of St. Patrick. Many interesting stories are

told of his edifying life at Noendrum and the miracles he worked there.
To perfect his knowledge of the Scriptures St. Colman went to the great
school of Emly, c. 470 or 475, and remained there some years. At length
he returned to Mahee Island to see his old master, St. Mochae, and
remained under his guidance for a long period, acting as assistant in
the school. Among his many pupils at Mahee Island, in the first quarter
of the sixth century, was St. Finian of Moville.

Jocelin, in his life of Saint Patrick, tells us that Colman's virtue was
foretold by Patrick. Many miracles are ascribed to the bishop. This
Colman is titular saint of at least one church in Scotland, Inis
Mo-Cholmaig, and one in Wales, Llangolman (Attwater, Benedictines,
Encyclopaedia, Husenbeth, Montague).

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