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Beloved, God first forgave, then sealed.

Von: Apostle Keith Brown (apostlekeithbrown@juno.com) [Profil]
Datum: 24.09.2007 03:41
Message-ID: <FZCdnRXDdajRi2rbnZ2dnUVZ_hOdnZ2d@giganews.com>
Newsgroup: alt.religion.afterlife
Beloved, remember your own experience.   God saved you
BEFORE  He Holy Spirit baptized you.    All of us who have it
also have this testimony, without exception.   People who speak
against our testimony speculate because they do not have it.
Anyone who tells you differently is not right.   They need not
die in their unbelief; they ought to go to people who speak in
tongues by the Holy Spirit, and say they want it too, and listen
to our testimony.
Some people misinterpret scriptures and they speak against
Pentecostalism.   They don't understand that they fight against
God.   Acts 2:38 CAN'T MEAN to get the Holy Spirit baptism
before getting saved.   It can't.   The grace called salvation
always precedes the additional grace called the Holy Spirit baptism.
Men use words like justification, sanctification, salvation, born again,
and regeneration; but, God always takes us in first, before He
Holy Spirit baptizes us.   I remember our Lord Jesus saying
to me, "Yes, tongues is the first evidence of the Holy Spirit
baptism.   First evidence!   First evidence!"   I thank the Lord.
So, be encouraged, beloved.
Apostle Keith Brown.

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