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Re: Catholic Legionaries of Christ founder fathered children, molested his sons and seminarians

Von: Wild Bill (bilsgrdn@daytonwa.net) [Profil]
Datum: 19.03.2010 17:04
Message-ID: <ho079j$p50$1@news.parasun.com>
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"Patrick" <barker_pb@erinot.com> wrote in message
> "Wild Bill" <bilsgrdn@daytonwa.net> wrote
>> They're not my heroes, and I'm not a whiner about anything human. I
>> simply happen to utterly despise your church!
> Well then, the truth finally comes out.
> BTW, I admire your honesty.
> Why did my church kick you out?

My first wife was Catholic. I've never had anything to do with your church
from the get-go, other than try to reverse the brainwashing effect it has
had on my three kids.


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