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Donna Kupp heresy 8 - Blaspheming the PERSON of the Spiriit as only " a ,eams pf communication"

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Datum: 08.06.2010 14:08
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Donna Kupp wrote:

> For more information, we have a TRINITY folder at this free
> website:
>  http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/show.php?ic0302&cat=0

> The concept that the Holy Spirit is God is based on a single verse in
> Acts (5:3) where it says that Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit -   and  > later
it says that  he lied to God.

Wrong. It is NOT based on a "single verse". Again, you've been exposed
as a LIAR

> To conclude that the Holy Spirit is God on the basis of those verses is > merely
an interpretation which adds to what is actually written.  Since > the Spirit is the
means of communciation between God and man,   if you > lie to the Spirit you are in
effect lying to God.  Are there any verses > which actually say that the Holy Spirit
is God?

Absolutely. Just as there are verses that say JESUS is God!

> Not one!


And after you publically acknolwledge YOUR LIES about the history of the
Trinity doctrine, I will be glad to give you some. BUT FIRST I WANT YOU

"In the beginning was Jesus
>       and Jesus was with THE RULER,
>        and Jesus was Ruler.
>      The same was in the beginning with THE RULER."
>John was teaching that Jesus was our Ruler (our theos) and that
>Jesus was with the Father from the very beginning of creation.
>(Not that Jesus was one third of some mysterious and mind-
>boggling "Trinity" that no one had ever heard of.)

> Jesus did not teach the Trinity, the apostles did not teach it, and it
> was not taught by church leaders for three hundred years after the
> death of Christ.

Sheesh! Kupp's lack of even rudimentary education in the Bible and
Christian history is unfathomable! And This ststement is yet another
example of her making illiterate, or lying, statements that can easily
deceive someone who isn't up on their own knowledge of scripture and

The deity of Christ was EXPLICITLY taught by Ignatius in the early 2nd

"To the Church at Ephesus in Asia . . . chosen through true suffering by
the will of the Father in Jesus Christ our God"
"FOR OUR GOD, Jesus Christ, was conceived by Mary in accord with Godís
plan: of the seed of David, it is true, but also of the Holy Spirit"

Letter to the Ephesians 1 110 AD

False teacher kupp also adds:

>     There is no record of the co-equal, co-eternal, three-in-one God
>      being taught by a single one of the early church fathers.  It
> was
>      not a part of Christian teaching until it was formulated by the
>      Second Ecumenical Council at Constantinople in 381.A.D.

For the Church, although dispersed throughout the whole world even to
the ends of the earth, has received from the apostles and from their
disciples the faith in one God, the Father Almighty . . . and in one
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became flesh for our salvation; and in
the Holy Spirit

Irenaeus, before 200 AD

And at the same time the mystery of the oikonomia is safeguarded, for
the unity is distributed in a TRINITY. Placed in order, the three are
the Father, Son, and Spirit. They are three, however, not in condition,
but in degree; not in being, but in form; not in power, but in kind; of
one being, however, and one condition and one power, because he is one
God of whom degrees and forms and kinds are taken into account in the
name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit"

Tertullian "Against Praxeas" early 200s AD

For Scripture as much announces Christ AS ALSO GOD, as it announces God
himself as man. It has as much described Jesus Christ to be man, as
moreover it has also described Christ the Lord to be God. Because it
does not set forth him to be the Son of God only, but also the son of
man; nor does it only say, the son of man, but it has also been
accustomed to speak of him as the Son of God. So that being of both, he
is both, lest if he should be one only, he could not be the other. For
as nature itself has prescribed that he must be believed to be a man who
is of man, so the same nature prescribes also that he must be believed
to be God who is of God. . . . Let them, therefore, who read that Jesus
Christ the son of man is man, read also that this same Jesus is called
also God and the Son of God"

Novatian, Treatise on the Trinity 11 235 AD

And now the capstone to Kupp's historial and TEXTUAL illiteracy:

The Lord says: 'I and the Father are one.' And again of the Father and
Son and the Holy Spirit it is written: 'And these three are one'.
Cyprian --Treatise 1 on the unity of the Catholic Church, chapter 6,
(and other historical illiterates) SAY IS A FRAUD.

So there you have it. Here is the level of incompetence displayed by
this woman presuming to come and set herself up as a teacher. She says:

>     There is no record of the co-equal, co-eternal, three-in-one God
>      being taught by a single one of the early church fathers.  It
> was
>      not a part of Christian teaching until it was formulated by the
>      Second Ecumenical Council at Constantinople in 381.A.D.

Yet anyone who's actually studied church history--rather than relying on
repeating the ignorance of other biblical and historical illiterates
like herself--immediately realizes this woman has no credibility, no
legitimate theological education, and no right to open her mouth to
exposit the scriptures.

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