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Donna Kupp heresy 6 - Perverting the book of Hebrews on the Sabbath

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Datum: 08.06.2010 14:06
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Donna Kupp wrote:
> Donna Kupp writes:
> In addition to the Greek and Latin manuscripts of the New
> Testament, there is a third text called the Peshitta.   The
> Peshitta is from ancient Eastern manuscripts written in
> Aramaic, the natural language of Jesus.  Hebrews 4:9 in the
> Peshitta text reads:
>   "It is therefore the duty of the people of God  to keep the
>    Sabbath."
> Donna Kupp

Notice how you had to appeal to an aramaic--not greek--text to try and
prove this?

I have news for you, heretic--the book of hebrews was written in GREEK,
and the GREEK reads totally different from the aramaic, which was
derived FROM the greek.

But you're too illiterate to realize that the aramaic text is centuries
older than the greek.

So let's go by the GREEK text, and list every time the word SABBATH
appears in the ORIGINAL GREEK epistles:

Col 2: 16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in
respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

17 Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.

That's it--all the places where the word SABBATH appears in the whole of
the New testament epistles.

That's how important the sabbath was to the apopstles for us to know

1 time it's mentioned

Meanwhile, the GREEK in Hebrews actually says "There is left off (or
left behind) SABBATISMOS [sabbath-rest] to the people of God."

Not "It is therefore the duty of the people of God to keep the Sabbath."

The KJV is correct when it interprets this as saying a future rest in
Christ remains to the people of God--which perfectly fits the tone of
verses 3-8--rather than that keeping the Saturday Sabbath is left behind
for Christians as a deceiver like YOU teaches. The writer is also
affirming that entering the rest of God is through belief, and uses the
Sabbath as representative of the ultimate rest that was coming through
Christ's work of redemption. Be careful, he points out in verse 11, that
you do not disqualify yourself from that rest--not by profaning the
Sabbath, but by unbelief!

One way to help define the meaning of the verse is the fact that the
word for "rest" (Sabbatismos) is never used elsewhere! Instead, Sabbaton
is used nearly everywhere else in the New Testament as a word for the
Sabbath; and the writer's going out of his way to use Sabbatismos to
refine his point as relates to the Sabbath can reasonably mean that he
is intentionally pointing to the rest of the Sabbath, rather than the
observance of the Sabbath.

So let's step back a moment and remember what heresy you teach: You
claim the sabbath is the penultimate comamndment. You even wrote:

>    In our opinion, the evidence from Romans and Zechariah
> demands a verdict for Sabbath observance.  The church must obey
> the Fourth Commandment - that is the only decision that will
> uphold the Law of God.

So let me test what you say by the scripture. Can I verify that doctrine
through the new testament?

NO I CANNOT. From the birth of the gentile church, there is not one
command to keep the sabbath. Not one. NOT ONE!!!

The word only appears once after the book of acts, where it says:

Col 2: 16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in
respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

That's it. Every time the word SABBATH is literally mentioned in the new
testament epistles from Romans to Revelation.

This most important of all commandments, according to you, is mentioned
only ONCE directly.

The handful of other times it is allude to, such as Gal 4, the people
are told they need NOT keep it.

The only place YOU can try to go to is to use a bad aramaic perversion
of the greek scriptures, take that one verse out of context, and then
brag that makes your point.

No it doesn't. And if it did, the command to keep the sabbath would be
replete thru the new testament just as it is the old!

In fact, it's wholly missing because WE NEED NOT KEEP IT!

You are unqualified to comment on what the Bible teaches, and have no
business doing so

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