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Rock Can Roll Festival

Von: David Dalton (dalton@nfld.com) [Profil]
Datum: 29.09.2009 04:10
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On the weekend I went to a fair bit of the 5th Rock Can Roll
Festival  (see http://www.rockcanrollrecords.com ).
On Friday I caught the triple bill of Lizband, Dogmeat BBQ
and At Ship's End at The Ship.   On Saturday I went to the
rock and roll cabaret This Is Distorted at Distortion and
then I went to Erin's to hear Connemara.   I meant to go
back to Distortion to hear The Black Bags and then to The
Ship to hear The Pathological Lovers but I ended up staying
at Erin's instead.     Then last night I went to the buffet supper,
mini-conference, awards show, and music at The Ship.  During
the awards show Gerard Van something, Jenny Naish and
Jody Richardson played solo, and then after the awards show
Mercy the Sexton did a set to close the festival.   They were
quite tight, and included Phil Churchill and Geraldine Hollett of
the folk band The Once plus lead guitarist Brad Power and
a drummer and two brothers who played keyboard and
rhythm guitar/lead vocals.    I'll definitely try to catch them again
though I don't rate them as high as Lizband.

Anyway the festival was a good time and I would recommend it
to anyone who likes rock and roll.


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