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DVD review: "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live"

Von: Dave U. Random (anonymous@anonymitaet-im-inter.net) [Profil]
Datum: 21.10.2009 17:04
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(JournalStar.com) - On Oct. 29, Bruce Springsteen & the E
Street Band will headline a star-studded benefit concert at
New York's Madison Square Garden. The next night, U2 will
cap a lineup that includes Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton
and Metallica. The shows will benefit The Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame Foundation.

But the concerts are really a showcase for the 25th
anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was
organized in 1983 and began inducting members in 1986.

The hall's last big show was in September 1995 at
Cleveland's Municipal Stadium, marking the opening of the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum in that city.

There's an entire disc of performances from that event,
"The Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," in "Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame Live," a nine-DVD package released
Tuesday by Time Life (Amazon.com: http://xrl.us/RockRollHOF

With backstage and rehearsal footage and often long
induction/acceptance speeches, the eight remaining discs in
the set average three hours long. Just under half of each
disc is made up of performances culled from the first
ceremony through Metallica's induction this year..

Continued: http://xrl.us/HOFreview

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