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TV tip now: 'Click Online' the best of 2004 (BBC World)

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Datum: 25.12.2004 17:44
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Now: 25 December 2004 17:30 - 18:30 C.E.T. 'Click Online' BBC World


Click Online can be seen on BBC World TV at the following times (GMT):
Thursday 20:30 | Saturday 00:30 / 06:30 Mondayyy16:30|| Tuesday 00:30 /
07:30y| Wednesday 13:30

"This week we look back at the best reports from during 2004 in a bumper
holiday edition."

The Best of 2004:

Mobile TV
Spencer Kelly takes a look at the second wave of portable TV devices,
and asks if they're going to be any more successful than the long
forgotten first wave.

Personal Search
Dan Simmons looks at the new generation of search products that are
being unleashed, which allow you to search both the web and your PC

Now You See Him...
Richard Taylor goes to Japan and vanishes!

Home Movies
Chris Long looks at the latest developments in video editing for home

Cyberhand Project
David Reid reports from Italy on the latest advances in
computer-controlled prosthetics.

Mobile Home
Spencer Kelly investigates a mobile phone that can tell you if you've
left the oven on.

Mobile Hunt
Richard Taylor finds out how Finnish hunters use their mobiles to track
down Elk.

Mobile Medic
Drug trials can be speeded up by mobile technology, as Spencer Kelly
found out.

Mobile Help
Richard Taylor examines the panic buttons on phones that can help
protect people from muggers.

Soldier Design
Ian Hardy checks out the first ever Soldier Design Competition and
discovers that the US Army is embracing technological innovation like
never before.

Cybercrime Convention
David Reid reports from the European Convention on Cybercrime and talks
to several of the experts involved in the laws.


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