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satellite dish de-icer?

Von: Karl (_@_) [Profil]
Datum: 08.10.2009 18:43
Message-ID: <X5IWYS7J40095.0303935185@reece.net.au>
Newsgroup: alt.satelliterec.arts.tv alt.satellite.tv.europe
Is there a consensus on a cheap, or perhaps homemade, satellite
dish de-icer?

I've been "googling" for different solutions, such as heat tape,
covers, silicone spray, "PAM" spray, car wax, cooking oil, or more
expensive products like "wx2100," etc.

I've found some homemade recipes, such as mixing common rubbing
alcohol with a small amount of dish soap, then rubbing it on the
dish every now and then between snow storms.  Other recipes
include antifreeze, but that can be pretty toxic to animals, and
we live in a remote area where there is abundant wildlife.  But I
suppose a thin layer of antifreeze, somehow "hardened" onto the
dish, wouldn't do much harm.

I've tried the "car wax" treatment to no avail.  My Dish network
500 dish is located about 100' up the hill from our house, and the
snowy winters make access difficult, especially at night.

Opinions welcome.  Cheap products or homemade recipes preferred.


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