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satellite dish de-icer? In the bag!

Von: Karl (_@_) [Profil]
Datum: 31.10.2009 04:56
Message-ID: <OGGW966740117.497650463@reece.net.au>
Newsgroup: alt.satelliterec.arts.tv alt.satellite.tv.europe
The trash bag works great!  We just had a pretty heavy snowfall
which lasted for a couple days.  All the right conditions to test
the effectiveness of placing a trash bag over the dish.

Our local Home Depot does not stock the Dupont RZ-50 that was
recommended.  But as it turns out, I don't believe it is all that
necessary.  The bag all by itself prevented the snow from piling
up on the dish very much, certainly not to the point of causing
much deterioration or loss of the satellite signal.  And the few
little bits of ice and snow that were barely sticking to the
plastic bag were easily brushed away with a gentle sweep of the
hand the next day.  I mean it's amazing.  The totally hard-frozen
ice popped right off the bag!

Thanks again to " Dirtydan <Dirtydan.3zy8qy@satelliteguys.us> "
who suggested using the trash bag, and the RZ-50, although I
haven't had the chance to try the latter.  But now that I know
the bag works so well, I'll definitely keep my eye out for the
RZ-50.  You're the man, Dan!


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