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The Security Camera system used for Home surveillance must be easy to understand

Von: John Stevenson (t.touland@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 20.03.2010 10:53
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Newsgroup: alt.security
The home surveillance system requirements of the residential areas is
a topic of heated discussions within many communities and it becomes
necessary to spell out the intricacies of these devices for the
understanding of the adult members of the household. One must be able
to eventually grasp the meaning of the terms generally used in the
security sector and comprehend the significance of each device
including the many complex parts or operations it performs to
establish a secure environment in the home. Confusion can exist
sometimes about the names given to different types of cameras used for
surveillance purposes such as Pan Tilt Zoom, Bullet, Box, Mega Pixel,
Dome and IP Wireless cameras. Video servers, switches and routers also
perform specific functions and therefore must be understood by those
using such accessories or control systems. Network video recorders are
also used for securing the home and these may be quite complex to
handle, even after installation by an expert. Proper guides are
available to the layperson that must be reviewed for the home owners
to correctly manage the security devices.

The same arguments holds good for the security camera system that
forms the heart of any setup intended to safeguard residences from
unforeseen or deliberate attempts to vandalize. New developments or
updates are constantly in the pipeline for such cameras and it becomes
difficult to keep a track of the latest features. One feels that it
would always be better to remain in touch with an expert security
advisor to the residents so that this person can guide and evaluate
the needs of the people at large. There is nothing more tragic than
landing in a situation where property is lost or damaged by criminal
elements as a result of inadequate functioning of an installed
security camera or malfunctioning of the alarm circuits. Various
reputed stores now sell great security systems and provide complete
service for installation and maintenance of these devices on an annual
contract basis as well. Every home owner is advised to learn enough
about the systems installed in their property to minimize distress
situations whenever they may unfortunately arise.

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