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Nihilism and Eastwood - Spontaneous consciousness/Invitcus & Humanistic Pacifism - by Seung Bum Kim (for media)

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American Beauty was proclaimed an Oscar winning movie although it is
critical about the sentimental sway and the soft expression of
Americans in general. The last narrative has an opium-like quality to
it. Where he reflects using an idyllic imagination which is a liberal
trait. It was said that the idyllic imagination was a liberal trait
that was irrevocable. So comes the issue with drugs. Where the idyllic
imagination contemplates but with a fist full of dollars it cracks but
it is also true that you slip off the cross that you have been nailed
to. Cheney on the otherhand is a staunch conservative. So his record
is clean. Clint Eastwood's characterization of the pure American
conservative has made him famous. But it is an acting role not a
description of his character. His victims are Walled. There is an
immovable quality to him since he wakes you up in his Mind. Damon's
role in Invitcus has a stronger edge than most conservatives simply
because he is ultimately sober and his death only gives him essential
direction. Regardless of whatever he endures, his expression would
remain the same. And it would crush dragons simply because he chooses
not to care. So he is capable of bruising egos but he doesn't do this.
He makes an effort to be noble..whereas for some they would turn this
into a weapon.

Nihilism and Eastwood - spontaneous consciousness - by Seung Bum Kim

Invitcus portrays Mandela as a pure humanist. Since Morgan has a tough
exterior it doesn't properly portray Mandela as he is. Since Mandela
being a humanist also must be a pacifist..humanism is in the same
circle as pacifism. But Morgan's rough exterior that is symbiotic with
his role in Lean on Me in which he played a rogue principle, the
facial appearance is drastically tamed to produce the look of
humanism. Soccer is syllogistic with life's competitive edge in good
sportsmanship. Morgan looks build for conservatism as a black man..a
rare look for a black man. Actually, even Samuel L. Jackson can by
makeup and polish look like strict conservative as in his role in
Diehard with a Vengeance. As a final result, his humanism is mixed
thus with charisma..charisma that is a conservative trait. Damon is
ultimately liberal but he can adopt Charisma in a jocular way. The
only alternative to liberalism in order to be potent as a conservative
would is to die. As Spielburg put it in Band of Brothers, in this War
you are already dead.. the loss of hope itself produces a juggernaut
like quality..which of course is more potent than even the most
staunch conservatives. Matt Damon is not nihilating anything..as a
matter of fact he participates in everything going on, but as far as
the weakness of being infatuated goes his disinterest in it, purely on
an acting level, would produce as such added reality.

Invitcus & Humanistic Pacifism - by Seung Bum Kim

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