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Wildcard teams...

Von: Andrew Rubidoux (andyr1@socal.rr.com) [Profil]
Datum: 02.10.2007 08:29
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I think MLB needs to adjust the amount of home games wildcard teams get in
the playoffs.  Just like in the NFL, they don't need to be shown much love.
They don't deserve it, they are the Wildcard.  If they're really that good,
it will show on the road.

I propose this:

LDS: best of 5 series

The series will start with ONE game in the wildcard city.  The next 2, 3, or
4 are at the division winner's park.  This way, the WC team, if advancing,
must clinch on the road.  I think its fair.

LCS: best of 7

If the WC team advances:
The series will start with 2 in the division winner's park.  The next 2 will
be at the WC park and last 3 if necessary played back at home for the
division winner.  This way, once again, the WC team cannot clinch the League
Championship at home, unless it's a sweep.

I think it would be more than fair and would make a heck of a lot of sense.

I would like to see teams clinching division berths more excited and hopeful
than a Wild Card team who would have a much tougher road to getting to the
World Series, and deservedly so.

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