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Doping conspiracy: How the illuminati forced Marion Jones to "confess" - the true story, from Timothy McVeigh to ... YOU

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Datum: 07.10.2007 13:11
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Illuminati script: Timothy McVeigh 2001 + Kostas Kenteris 2004 + Jan
Ullrich 2006 = Marion Jones 2007

Marion Jones 2007: Was the terror agenda upscaled to the utter limits?
Matt Marriott explained how the illuminati had no problems upscaling
their terror agenda, by gradually introducing these BIG LIE techniques
as proof:
- the "defense lawyer" (1);
- manufactured evidence (2);
- hearsay (3).
Now by having the "Marion Jones concedes doping" headlines today all
over illuminatiland, did they upscale the terror agenda yet one more
time? To the ultimate limits, with their media falsely reporting that
a public personality, who is NOT in prison, admits to be guilty?
Not yet. These headlines were released because the illuminati, after
manufacturing the "Marion Jones letter to her family" with her
"confession", finally could force Marion Jones to also "confess" for
the camera.

How the illuminati forced Marion Jones to "confess" for the camera
No wonder the illuminati finally defeated Marion Jones:
- She is now totally broke after spending all her money in "courts"
fighting the illuminati agents used to defame her in the last three
- she knew that if she continued to resist now the terror agenda would
have been upscaled to the utter limits: she would be jailed without
having an opportunity to state in the media that the letter was a
hoax. And like ever since her persecution begun, only the Illuminati
End Times Prophet would be telling the truth about it, in some
internet forums for a restricted audience, as brainwashed as the rest
of the society. (4)

Why did the illuminati wait three years to execute Marion Jones?
What was the reason of not having executed Marion Jones immediately as
it was the case for example with Justin Gatlin, the 100 m world record
holder who 2006 was forced to "confess" using the same terror methods?

The reason was that the goal of making people believe that Marion
Jones was really on drugs as she won the gold medals over the years is
better served, with her "confession" after she spent all her energy
and money defending herself for the last three years.

Or in other words one of the ultimate goals of the doping conspiracy:
totally discredit ANY champion in the past, since "Marion Jones was on
drugs and tests could not detect it" -> "any gold medalist who tested
negative was probably also on drugs".
In particular "if the performance was overwhelming then that was
certainly the case". (5)

(1) The "Defense Lawyer" technique was first used with the innocent
who was falsely accused of the Oklahoma city bombings. It consists of
having the "defense" lawyer falsely stating that his "client" admits
to be guilty. This technique was planned to be used with Milosevic in
the Hague "Court". But it did not work as planned, since Milosevic had
the possibility to communicate to the public that he did not accept
the "defense" lawyer the "court" assigned to him.

(2) "Manufactured evidence" is the technique used again and again to
falsely accuse the best athletes of measurable natural sports
(athletics, cycling) in the world that they dope, with faked "tests"
in the illuminati laboratories. In 2004, the physical attack against
Kostas Kenteris, supervised by IOC President Rogge, was a first
upscaling of this technique. It was planned to suggest that the Greek
sprinter was trying to create an alibi to escape doping tests. Besides
that it was a way to physically get him out of the scene, which was
precisely the Olympics 2004 at his own country, Greece, so that people
did not wonder why he was not being given the word to tell his story
in the media.

(3) "Hearsay" as proof was first used in the hours before the
beginning of the Tour de France 2006. Not because it was required to
eliminate the two best cyclists at the start, Jan Ullrich and Ivan
Basso, since the illuminati control the laboratories that do the Tour
tests. The reason why the Hearsay technique was used was to upscale
the terror agenda.
In the Tour de France 2007, this technique was upscaled again, using
the danish cyclist Rasmussen, who was eliminated as it was clear he
would win, based on a statement of an italian journalist who played
the role of having "seen" him in Italy at a time where Rasmussen
declared that he was in Mexico.

(4) End Times Reductionism: 2004 - 2007
2004 -  The truth was voiced by ONE (ironically on a site which is
today the last bunker of the official supporters of nuclear Hitler)...
The script to execute Kostas Kenteris  Ekatheirni Thanou at the
Olympics was by far not as good as the Marion Jones script 2004-2007.
Besides that, the Greeks were not as brainwashed as the population in
the US. They showed it not only in the forums of the sites of those
greek heroes but at the most important moment, the 200m men final, as
70,000 protested.  But which non-greeks other than Matt Marriott
voiced the truth then, August 2004?
2007 - all masks out, and yet... the truth is voiced by ONE and only

(5) Reminder: the reason to select Marion Jones as their victim was
the fact that in the Sydney 2000 Olympics she won the 100 meters with
the greatest margin ever over the silver medalist.(6) Illuminati
humiliation of  a resistor - the "confession"

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