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Tiger Woods' Unnecessary Apology!

Von: Nick Nuclear (nickynuclear@transwestairlines.biz) [Profil]
Datum: 20.02.2010 22:47
Message-ID: <ILYfn.1907$1L.335@newsfe01.iad>
Newsgroup: alt.politics alt.sports alt.conspiracy
Whoever the mealy-mouthed fruitcake was who talked Tiger Woods into going on
TV to apologize is as much of an asshole as Tiger Woods himself for going
along with it! For THIRTEEN MINUTES this asshole begged the world for
forgiveness. It was totally absurd. Who the hell cares who he slipped his
dick into! It's NOT a crime to fuck women! He's being treated like he's a
criminal. How embarrassing for Woods to subject himself to that invasion of
privacy. He should have told the ones who talked him into apologizing on TV
to politely go fuck themselves!

Seriously, there IS important news happening in the world to report! But the
media seems obsessed with promoting this seedy news story the vast majority
of us don't give a rat's ass about, including the lousy Washington Post who
considers this "TOP NEWS."

WHY should Tiger Woods apologize for his personal life? It's not going to
change anything now. You can't change the past by saying sorry. It's
nobody's business what he does with his dick or if he wants to fuck 16 women
anyway! So he's a cheat and a liar? Who isn't these days? What's new about
that in the celebrity sports world? Has everyone been living under a rock?
MEN CHEAT! Haven't you heard -- monogamy is out! Why should he have to make
a big production out of his personal business apologizing on TV for his
activities to nosy busybodies? What if all the men in the world had to do
this? Imagine that! He's just a famous, immoral celebrity out to capitalize
on his power and fame by bedding as many women as he can with his dick.
There's no surprise there! A black man in a white man's golf world, bedding
their rich white women laughing all the way to the bank at those honkeys.
He's taken full advantage of his position. What man wouldn't take advantage
of that dish served to him on a silver platter? I'm telling you that the
majority of men, if put in Tiger's position, would DO THE SAME THING --
fucking their pants off getting pussy from hot bitches like Tiger did! That
doesn't make him a CRIMINAL!

All of a sudden everyone has become the moral police! Let's get real here!

Not that I condone his behavior; I'm just saying there is more important
news to report on TV than some guy weeping and whining for forgiveness
taking up air time for THIRTEEN (13) MINUTES for using his penis, mmm-kay?
Once again I say this era we live in is riddled with creepy, whiny, crybaby,
emasculated men who should be using their BALLS by saying to the nosy,
sex-starved, jealous media: "FUCK YOU AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"!

What this is REALLY ALL ABOUT is the fact he's a black man who bedded white
women. The outrage is RACISM-based, plain and simple. The media's obsession
with race and interracial sex is an obvious affront on the Obama
Administration. It's angered the rabid right-wing conservatives and
feminists who not only hate Tiger, but who hate President Obama. There are
subversive groups in the world who want to shame the BLACK CULTURE that has
made advances in public office and celebrity. They launch onto a story about
a man of color who happens to be FILTHY RICH and POWERFUL who is exposed for
bad behavior and the attack is on. This is really not about Tiger's
infidelity at all. It's about his color and position of power and fame
subversives want to destroy.

What about Tiger's GOLF? He's the greatest golf star in the world, bar none!
They don't like that fact, either! Think about it!

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