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Nastia Liukin and others will perform in a "Tour of Gymnastics Superstars"

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Nastia Liukin and other Olympic gymnast 'superstars' to shine in
Friday October 31, 2008,

.DETROIT, Michigan -- Nastia Liukin brought home five medals -- a gold
in the all-around competition, three silvers and a bronze -- from the
2008 Beijing Olympics.

But she's not resting on her laurels.

Liukin will perform in a "Tour of Gymnastics Superstars" with 2008
Olympic gold-medalist Shawn Johnson and 2004 Olympic all-around
champion Paul Hamm and other top gymnasts at 3 p.m. Sunday at
Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, 600 Civic Center Drive.

"It's (the tour) a lot different than competition," Liukin said in a
phone interview. "It's choreographed. We're able to perform to live
music, and we have a bunch of different costumes. There are lots of
lights and group numbers."

The gymnastics, she said, is "incorporated with dance and

Liukin, 18, was born in Moscow during the time when Russia was still
part of the Soviet Union. She lives in Parker, Texas, and uses the
name Nastia, the Russian diminutive of Anastasia.

Her parents are products of the Soviet gymnastics machine. Her father,
Valeri Liukin, was a double gold medalist (team, high bar) at the 1988
Seoul Olympic games and her mother, Anna Kochneva Liukin, was the 1987
rhythmic world champion.

"As the daughter of two gymnasts who each earned the title of World
and/or Olympic champion in their careers and who became gymnastics
coaches themselves, it was only natural that Nastia found herself in
the gym from a very young age," notes her Web site.

Nastia began competing at age six. With nine world championship medals
under her belt, she's tied with the 1996 Olympic balance beam champion
Shannon Miller as having won the most of any American gymnast.

In 2005 she was named Gymnast of the Year by the International
Gymnastics Hall of Fame. She's a four-time world champion.

While training for the 2006 World Championship, Liukin sprained her
right ankle on the trampoline, which limited her to a bars-only role
in Aarhus, Denmark (she won the silver medal), according to www.nbcolympics.com.
She had surgery in late 2006.

In Beijing, "Liukin displayed the grace of a ballerina and the
strength of, well, her dad in edging Johnson and breaking China's
stranglehold on gold" in the all-around competition, according to the
Associated Press.

Starting in January, Nastia said she'll return to the gym and start
training again.

"I'm taking it one step at a time," she said.

She enrolled at Southern Methodist University earlier this year but
decided to delay her education until after the Olympics. She hopes to
major in international business.

Nastia said she's starting a clothing line called Nastia Gold, which
features a line of jeans, T-shirts, hoodies and active wear.

She's been featured in international and national advertising
campaigns and had a small speaking role in the gymnastics-themed
movie, "Stick It," in 2006.

As for dreams of Hollywood, she said, "I would love to go into acting,
but not as my professional career."

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