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Back to the timeline issues....

Von: Clams Canino (cc-marine@earthdink.net) [Profil]
Datum: 22.11.2009 22:42
Message-ID: <k8ydneHrV6r0LZTWnZ2dnUVZ_tKdnZ2d@earthlink.com>
Newsgroup: alt.startrek
Having the DVD I now paid extra attention to the timeline stuff, in the
theater I was more or less "taking in the film".

The film makes it pretty clear that Nero's ship appeared through the
singularity, did a number on the Kelvin, and then seemingly vanished without
a clue (and in unknown condition) after being rammed by said Kelvin.

So if you're trying to "err in favor of the old timeline"  how much really
*had* to change in the lives and back stories of all the other main

Of course I understand that when Nero appears 25 years later and wipes out
Vulcan that the timeline of all the Federation and beyond is altered
drasticly. But my question remains as to how much the "strange loss" of the
Kelvin *has to* affect anyone in a serious way - with the exception of James
T. Kirk?


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