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Star Trek Online BETA goes live

Von: Toolpackinmama (philnblanc@comcast.net) [Profil]
Datum: 12.01.2010 23:00
Message-ID: <hiirda$uvo$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: alt.startrek
I'm playing Star Trek Online!  Sort of.  It's the beta, and it crashes a

You are allowed to create a character that is standard (Human, Vulcan,
etc.) or a completely custom race of your own design.  They are all
humanoid bipeds, though.

Then you name your character and your ship.  You have no choice of ship.

I am still playing the tutorial which has many stages and is quite long.
First you learn just how to move your character and interact with
various environmental objects.  Then they put you in command of your
ship, and your avatar becomes your ship, flying around in 3-D space.
Once you learn how to move the ship and target/interact with objects in
space, you are given a few simple missions to complete while piloting
your vessel, and in the course of this you are instructed in the use of
the various ship features (weapons, shields).

Midway through this you get to choose your first bridge crew officer (do
you want a tactical, engineer, or science companion?), and he/she
accompanies you into space.

This is about as far as I have gotten.  The game crashes frequently so I
have had to restart many times.

There is in-game chat, so you can participate in live conversation with
other players, and even arrange to team up with them.  I haven't joined
any teams formally yet, but I did help to rescue another player who was
surrounded by foes and overwhelmed - so you can have chance encounters
with other players in the mission instances.

There are multiple instances of each mission area, and you can change
instances if you don't like the one you are in.  If you are in a crowded
instance and want more room to move, or if you are lonely and want a
more densely-populated instance, you can choose precisely which one to
transfer to, with ease.

The controls for the humanoid avatar are familiar, but piloting the ship
is a little weird, and completely unfamiliar to me.  That's going to
take some getting used to.

Space is vast, and when you are flying your ship around, even at top
speed, it takes a while to overtake your foes.  Then when you catch up
to them you'd better slow down or you overshoot their position pretty
quickly, LOL.  That's at space-normal speed.  I don't think there is any
combat at warp speed.

I warped a couple of times, and it seems to be simply used as fast
travel from one mission area to another.  You don't get to watch any
scenery go by.

How does it look?  Well, it looks great.  The avatars and interiors are
attractive, and space out-there is beautiful.  Very well detailed and
just plain cool!

One oddity:  the uniforms aren't uniform.  Everybody seems to wear
whatever the hell they want.  I thought the officer I chose to serve me
at least would be issued a uniform like mine, but no, he's got his own
distinctive one that in fact is nothing like mine.   I look around
whenever I am surrounded by NPCs, and nobody is dressed alike.  They
seem to be randomly generated.  I don't know if that is a bug, or
normal, or something they are still trying to decide about.

Hey, it's the BETA, it's not the finished game.

So far it's been non-stop action and I am a little out of breath.
Couldn't locate a mess hall or "Ten Forward" yet when I could just
chill.  Maybe after I complete a few more missions they will let me rest
a bit.

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