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Walter Koenig's Son is Missing

Von: Andriech (pattywright7@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 21.02.2010 22:36
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Newsgroup: alt.startrek
Andrew Koenig, the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, is missing.
The last time Andrew
Koenig was seen was on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010, in
Vancouver, British Columbia.
Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, and he hasn't
heard from since then.

He was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

Andrew Koenig, 41, was working as a camera operator on the show "Never
Not Funny" as well
as doing improv in Los Angeles. Best known as "Boner" from "Growing
Pains", Andrew also
had a role in "Deep Space Nine", and is a talented actor director,
editor and photographer as
well as a passionate activist.  In 2008, he  was arrested at the Rose
Bowl while protesting
China's part in the genocide in the country of Burma.

This is a serious matter that has Koenig's friends and family gravely
concerned. If you have
seen him, emailed him or had any contact after the 14th or spent time
with him during his stay
in Vancouver please call Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD
at 604-717-2534.

Please share this and send prayers and positive thoughts. If you wish
to leave Walter a note,
visit his site at: www.walterkoenigsite.com

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