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Do you remember the Golden Age of Trek Simming?

Von: Captain Lredrin Malay (shadedelfassassin@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 21.05.2010 03:24
Message-ID: <009c5148-64c2-43e8-b24c-5e9941307a42@o15g2000vbb.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.startrek

Remember Star Trek simming the way it used to be when it was all about
fun and and a community of writers,
graphic artist and web designers who were in it just to relax with
friends and have fun?

The members of Task Force 93 do.

Our reformed Task Force 93 is relativity a new group, but not new to
M-90, IGOR or simming.
We bring experience from the creators of the M-90, and IGOR, and
independent sims , and fleets, to a unique comunity were simming is
stress free and fun again .

If you are interested in writing in a presure free environment ( Our
members are given hosting on V Bulletin and our  Task Force 93 wiki),
and interacting within in our fun and active community
forum, then we invite to visit our community: www.taskforce93.com.

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