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Spock's and Kirk's likes and dislikes [Commentary]

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Spock's and Kirk's likes and dislikes
by Laura Goodwin


Captain James T. Kirk is a very colorful personality - he is openly,
unashamedly emotional - we can easily see that he has some very definite
likes and dislikes. In general, Kirk is an active, outdoorsy type who
oddly likes all kind of quaint, old-fashioned things. He's also very
adventurous and curious, and is actively attracted to strange/alien
things and people. He loves things that are primitive, but he also loves
high-tech things. He is a man who is at home in his own time, but he
cherishes the best of the past, while always looking forward to the future.

Things Kirk likes:

Games: We know Kirk plays chess because Kirk and Spock are playing
together in "Where no man has gone before". We are given reason to
believe Kirk plays cards, because he shows familiarity with Poker
game-play in "Corbomite Maneuver", and he invents a bogus card game,
*Fizzbin* in "Piece of the action". Kirk makes a game out of everything.
He's playful by nature. He has the knack for finding the fun in even
dangerous situations.

Roughing it in the bush: We know Kirk likes camping for fun because he
takes Spock camping for the fun of it. He always insists on going ashore
every chance he gets. In Shore Leave we see his idea of big fun is to
run around a lot, and get dirty. He's a real nature boy.

Cooking: We are given reason to believe Kirk likes cooking, because he
whips up a little breakfast for Antonia in "Generations", and has fun
doing it. He cooks on camp-outs too.

Climbing: We know he likes climbing because we see him doing this in one
of the movies. Shoot, he does it every chance he gets.

Animals: We know he loves riding horses because he does this in
"Generations". We also meet his big dog "Butler" in the Nexus. Jim is
very sympathetic to non-humans in general.

Reading: We learn in TOS that Kirk enjoys reading for pleasure, and he
actually wants a book he can hold. He appears to be widely read, and he
prefers deep stuff. In "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Kirk's friend Gary
Mitchell mentions Spinoza and other "longhair stuff" that Kirk likes to
read. Spock gives Kirk a copy of "Tale of Two Cities" for a birthday
present, and he eagerly starts reading right away.

Drinking: We learn in TOS that Kirk enjoys having a drink or two with
friends. He's not a heavy drinker, but he does get drunk on rare
occasions. His evil half gets drunk and sexually harasses Yeoman Rand in
"Enemy within", and on another occasion ("Turnabout intruder") Scotty
says he's seen Kirk drunk. More than once we see Kirk and McCoy hanging
out, drinking and talking together.

Dancing: He dances or talks about dancing for fun more than once in TOS.
For example he dances with Reyna Kepec in "Requiem for Methuselah", and
it was his idea. He danced with Helen Noel the night that they met.

"Wrassling": We see him horsing around, practicing some type of fighting
techniques in the Gym with "Charlie X". I'm not sure what that
was...Judo? Kirk is pretty active, and he gets into wrestling and
fist-fighting situations often, seeming to even welcome them at times,
as when he welcomed the knock-down-drag-out brawl with Finnegan in
"Shore Leave" (which he admitted he enjoyed, to Mr. Spock).

Collecting: We get a glimpse of Kirk's antique weapons collection in
"Wrath of Khan". Old-time ship models are also on display. McCoy makes
him a gift of an antique pair of glasses, Spock on the same day gives
him a Victorian-era novel "Tale of two cities". Since Both McCoy and
Spock are very close to Kirk, it's safe to assume they gave him things
they thought he'd really like, and since he puts the glasses on and
reads the novel right away, it appears they were right. In "Shore
Leave", when Sulu finds an old-style pistol, Kirk confiscates it (maybe
to add to his collection). Kirk also maybe collect souvenirs from his
adventures. For example he apparently keeps some of the exotic costumes
from his adventures: wore his slave harness home in Gamesters of
Triskelion, for example.

Trivial pursuit: This one is a bit of a stretch, but Kirk is always
asking Spock and other people questions about obscure facts, and he
occasionally pulls a rare fact out of his head to liven up the
conversation, so I'll bet he would enjoy trivia games, and he'd probably
be good at them.

Sight-seeing: Kirk often gets all gee-whiz about things he sees on the
many worlds he visits, so it's clear the touristy joy of sight-seeing is
one of the primary pleasures that comes with his job. Even on his own
time he likes travel. Of course he doesn't just look: he likes to
interact with whatever strange and amazing things he encounters.

Star-gazing: Kirk likes star-gazing, especially on dates. Helen Noel
reminisces about walking with Kirk and talking about the stars. He's
apparently the one who brings the topic up, because he does the same
thing on a date with Edith Keeler. He also explains that *the lights in
the sky* are stars to Drill Thrall Shana, and that he comes from a
planet, etc. so, in effect he gives her a introduction to astronomy just
as a way to make conversation. Considering he looks at stars all day
every day, you'd think he'd get enough of it, but apparently not. Even
when he doesn't have to look at them, he still likes to do so. His love
of the stars is probably a big reason he chose the profession that he
did. He didn't want to just look at them, he wanted to encounter them.

Women who are ladies: Kirk is not attracted to sluts and bimbos. He
definitely prefers strong, intelligent, self-assured women who are
self-possessed and superior in some way. Here's the short list of women
Jim had sex with or fell in love with, or both, in TOS: Edith Keeler
(Farsighted 1930's Slum Angel), Reyna Kepec (beautiful,
super-intelligent, sweet...too bad she turned out to be an android),
Mirimanee (Tribal High Priestess), Queen Deela (a queen). Jim also
showed a lot of interest in Shana (his drill sergeant in Gamesters), Dr.
Helen Noel (a doctor!), Lenore Karidian (seductive Shakespearean actress
and skilled serial murderer), and the Dolman of Elaas (another royal

Special friends:  Jim Kirk has a small number of friends that he's
particularly fond of, and these friends are his most devoted comrades:
Mr. Scott, Mr. Chekov, Mr. Sulu, Lt. Uhura, and chief among them all Dr.
Leonard "Bones" McCoy, who is clearly Jim's best friend.  Kirk and McCoy
have a deeply affectionate and trusting relationship, and they enjoy
each other's company a great deal.  Kirk is incredibly loyal and
dedicated to his friends, and they return his love 100%.

Spock: Spock is much more than a friend to Jim Kirk. Jim's devoted to
Spock in a way that is transcendent, and is difficult to neatly explain.
Although Kirk and Spock have a stormy, passionate relationship in
which they sometimes come to blows, Kirk is clearly, obviously, openly,
unabashedly, unashamedly, unequivocally, undeniably, totally *fond* of
Spock! Spock is without question Jim's favorite person in the whole
universe.  He loves the guy, although Spock sometimes does things that a
normal man might find unforgivable.  The reason why Jim is so
bottomlessly forgiving of Spock's weird excesses is never fully
explained.  They just love each other.  Just understand that.

Now, some things Kirk doesn't like...

He's not a big organized sports nut. We don't see him engaging in team
sports, and he doesn't give a fig for who won the world cup or the
Superbowl. He doesn't play, and he doesn't want to watch. He never
discusses sports stars or scores. He seems oblivious to the fact that
team sports exist.

Kirk doesn't seem to be attracted to performance arts like opera,
ballet, theater. He goes to the theater in "Conscience of the King", but
instead of paying attention to the performance, he chats in the back row
with his pal through the whole thing. He also doesn't go out of his way
to visit art galleries or poetry readings. He strikes me as the kind of
guy who'd go to some trouble to avoid such things.

He doesn't like science fiction (!). He thinks of the future in
practical terms. When he thinks about times other than his own, he likes
thinking about the past, not the far-off future.

He doesn't like church. He seems perfectly irreligious. He mentions God
once or twice, so he apparently has some religious training, maybe even
some faith, but I don't think I've ever seen him pray to God or even
visit a house of worship except to interfere with the people who worship
there. He killed "gods" (Vaal and Landru in TOS), and harassed another
one into committing suicide (or whatever it is that Apollo did). When
Sybok led him to another God we saw a similar outcome. I can't imagine
what it would take for him to cry out to God for help. All I remember
seeing him do is call his friends. He relies on himself and his buddies,
not on supernatural beings or powers. In fact, one might be excused for
thinking that God-killing is another one of his hobbies.

Kirk avoids situations that require fancy dress and delicate manners. He
hates being cooped up in a stuffy room, making dainty conversation with
overly civilized people. "I'm a soldier, not a diplomat." He quickly
runs out of patience with the placid, pacifist Organians in "Errand of
mercy". He shows open contempt for people like the fussy Mr. Barrass in
"Trouble with Tribbles", and for the prissy Anon 7 and his bloodless war
in "A Taste of Armageddon". Let him out of a social situation like that,
and he escapes like a kid running from school.

Kirk avoids marriage and anything that might lead to it. Kirk is
unlikely to marry and settle down since he loves his dangerous
profession so much. It's not that he is a playboy. He is most
emphatically NOT a playboy. Kirk is a romantic. Love is sacred to him.
He takes love very seriously. When wooing someone he honestly cares for,
he becomes very attuned to the object of his desire, and his seductive
efforts are focused, passionate, tender, playful, and sincere. BUT he
never promises anything. NEVER!  He's already got promises to keep, and
they don't include marriage to a woman.


Spock was raised in the Vulcan way, which is to control emotions.
Vulcans learn to not feel them at all, but it's simple politeness where
Spock comes from. He is also a military man, and traditionally the
military asks for lots of self-control of its people. Still, he does
have some obvious likes and dislikes, as we have seen.

Things Spock likes:

Playing chess - We've seen him playing with Kirk, and he also likes to
play against the computer.

Animals - Spock gets along nicely with a wide variety of creatures. He
had a sehlat for a pet as a boy. The dangerous horta allowed him to
approach and meld with it. Tribbles liked Spock and he seemed to like
them right back. Spock always is reluctant to kill, unless the situation
is extremely urgent. He tends to be respectful and tenderhearted with
creatures. He is a vegetarian, possibly for philosophical as well as for
dietary reasons, and has no taste for blood.

Mathematics - Spock frequently computes huge sums and performs other
outstanding arithmetical feats for the pure fun of it. He's proud of his
ability in this area, to such an extent that he's a show-off.

Music - We know Spock can play at least two musical instruments: his
Vulcan lyre, and a piano. He sat down and played a Brahms waltz for Kirk
so he could dance a bit with Reyna in Requiem For Methuselah. So Spock
can read and instantly play a new piece of music without practicing it
first, which is a pretty spectacular talent. He might even enjoy
composing music himself. We don't know if the tunes he plays are
original tunes, but they might be. We have seen him performing for his
shipmates on the lyre more than once, so he does like an audience now
and then.  In fact, performing musically is the one thing that can coax
him out of his corner.  His friendship with Lt. Uhura is apparently
founded on their shared love of music.

Computers - Spock is a top expert in the computer field. He knows
everything about them. Obviously, computers is one of his passions.

Nature - Spock enjoys getting out for some fresh air. He enjoys the many
new species he encounters, not just for scientific reasons, but because
he seems to delight in them. In Menagerie we see a young Spock clearly
delighted at some singing flowers he finds. It was very easy for Leila
Kalomi to convince Spock to take a nature walk with her. He seems to
value every chance he gets to hike around. This is something he has in
common with Captain Kirk. It's something that they love to do together.

Mechanical things - Spock and Mr. Scott are big buddies when it comes to
engineering problems. It's something they both enjoy a lot, and they
enjoy talking about such things, and working together on such problems.
Spock fully understands and appreciates Mr. Scott's passion about
engines. Kirk and Spock share this too.

Pondering life's imponderables - Spock always questions people about
their thinking and their reasons. He often asks Kirk to explain what the
heck just happened at the end of the episode, even though he was there
and should know. He's interested in more than facts: he's curious about
people's perceptions and motivations. He also seems to enjoy challenging
people's assumptions. This is something else he has in common with Kirk.

Human beings - Spock has structured his whole life so that he is
surrounded by humans every day. Despite the occasionally snide and
uncomplimentary thing he says about the species, it's pretty clear he
loves the human way of doing things. Despite the way he reflexively
represents Vulcans, occasionally draping himself in the Vulcan flag, he
actually seems very humanlike most of the time. Vulcans certainly don't
think Spock is a typical Vulcan. To them he seems too human, which is
something they apparently tried (and failed) to stifle in him.

Intellectual conversation and debate - Spock isn't super chatty. He
tends to be solitary and almost anti-social. He's not one for small
talk, usually. But one thing that can draw him out of his shell is an
interesting discussion with intelligent people. He likes topics like
history, philosophy, and practical "what-if?" puzzles.

Reading and study - We don't ever see Spock reading (do we?) but he must
do a lot of it, because he is a treasure trove of facts and knowledge of
all kinds. Since he is a fairly famous scientist, he must also write (at
least) scientific articles for publication now and then.

Adventure and danger - Spock has a strong daredevil streak. He can often
be seen doing very difficult and dangerous things, and usually he
volunteers to do these things. The guy has nerves of steel, a high
tolerance for pain, and his Vulcan physique gives him extra strength and
stamina for tasks that would certainly be fatal for a mere human. He
seems to enjoy showing off this way, now and then, too. Obviously he
didn't join the fleet just to see the pretty stars. He wanted action!
This is a passion he shares with Jim Kirk. Although Spock is very
refined and cerebral, he is not just a guy who lives in his head.

Women who are hot and horny - Spock doesn't usually show interest in
women, in fact he seems to dislike them... but if the gal is absolutely
desperate, he will on rare occasions deign to dally. He really seems hot
for the lonely Zarabeth. Leila finally requites her unrequited red-hots,
at least for a day. Spock humors Droxine, and he seduces the Romulan
commander in Enterprise Incident. Uhura comes on strong to Spock in
Mantrap, and although he shuts her down on that occasion, later in the
series we see that they have somehow become rather chummy. A notable
exception is poor Nurse Chapel, who climbs all over Spock more than once
but never gets anywhere with him.

Jim Kirk - Like is too mild a word. Spock loves Kirk. He's absolutely
nuts about the guy. He has enormous respect for Kirk as a Captain and as
a man, but he just plain enjoys him. Spock is in no way submissive to
Jim - he sometimes does what he feels like doing regardless of whether
or not Jim would approve - but although he isn't always sensitive to
Jim's feeling and wishes, Spock's sincere appreciation for Kirk as a
person is always evident, and it's too perfect that the feeling is mutual.

Some things that Spock doesn't like:

Crowds - Spock is not a joiner. He will come out of his shell on rare
occasions, but you can see it is a strain for him. He seems to like
being alone better than being with almost anyone. His favorite social
occasion is a quiet conversation with *one* person, in *private*. If
that one person is Jim Kirk, perfect.

Committees - Spock doesn't mind discussing things with Captain Kirk and
arriving at a decision together with him, but Jim is an exception. He'd
rather make a decision alone and run with it than go through any kind of
group process.  Sometimes he doesn't even talk it over with Jim.

Red tape - Spock takes shortcuts, sometimes radical shortcuts, to avoid
having to go through proper channels and process all the proper
paperwork. Kirk shares his distaste for bureaucrats and procedural
exactitude, and they bring out the worst in each other in this area.

Lockstep mentalities - For a Vulcan, Spock is an unusually broadminded,
openminded fellow - who seems to feel the moral and heroic urge to lend
his tremendous strengths and unusual gifts to his favorite cause: the
advance of knowledge and civilization. Apparently he joined Starfleet to
satisfy his own curiosity about natural phenomena, and because he has a
passion to see order established - but it's a liberal order he hopes
for, not a conservative one. Spock himself is something of a radical, a
rebel, and he feels strongly enough about his progressive goals to
accept his father's rejection *and* to risk his own life, to achieve
them. He is most emphatically NOT HERBERT.  If you forget it, he'll
remind you.

Dr. McCoy - McCoy doesn't like Spock, and the animosity is clearly
mutual.  Those two men are not friends: they tolerate each other for
duty's, and for Jim's sake.  They grudgingly accept each other over
time, but it's a struggle for both of them.

People or things who pick on Kirk - if you want to see Spock get really
nasty really quick, try threatening his adored Jim. That's the way even
precious endangered species can get on his shit list.  Spock was all
about being merciful with the Horta and the Salt Vampire, until they
threatened Jim... then he's all KILL!  KILL!

Jim Kirk - If you really want to see Spock at his worst, create a reason
for Jim to inflame him. Nobody knows how to get under Spock's skin and
drive him completely bananas better than Kirk does.  They come to blows
more than once.

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