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Let's talk about Antonia

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Datum: 23.05.2010 20:09
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Let's talk about "Antonia", a supposedly female person who Jim Kirk is
playing house with in the Nexus.

Any of you have a hypothesis about why this faceless nobody character
was created to fill that spot in Jim's fantasy life like a bookmark,
when it maybe coulda/shoulda been Edith Keeler, or Miramanee, or Carol

I mean, who the hell is Antonia?  We never find out.  We never get a
good look at her.

All we learn about her that is solid is that SHE'S NOT REAL.  Kirk is
absolutely easy in his mind about dumping her to run off with Picard,
because SHE'S NOT REAL.

She also is apparently as kinky as Kirk is, cos their bedroom is
decorated to resemble a stable, and they keep a big male dog and a big
male horse in there.

Is there any solid reason for us to believe that "Antonia" isn't really
Spock in drag?

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