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Kinky K/S, and Occam's Razor [Commentary, K/S]

Von: ToolPackinMama (philnblanc@comcast.net) [Profil]
Datum: 07.05.2010 08:10
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Newsgroup: alt.startrek alt.tv.star-trek.tos
Let me make one thing clear: I have watched every episode of TOS many
times. I also have watched many other TV shows and movies without seeing
such qualities in the characters. I am capable of not seeing it when
it's not there, FWIW.

I'm also better equipped than the average person to recognize it when it
is there, FWIW. I am a career sex rights activist. That's my main gig.
I'm a sadomasochist myself, and so is my husband. So are 90% of my
friends. In the course of my career I have met tens of thousands of
sadomasochists. I know one when I see one, especially when I see them in

Sadomasochism reveals itself in not what you do, but how you do it. You
can't tell that a person is kinky by looking at them, unless you are
watching them do pervy things. It's not like race or sex which is
readily evident: It's a pattern of behavior, that becomes evident when
you watch a person acting out.

Both Spock, and ESPECIALLY Kirk exhibit typical sadomasochistic patterns
of behavior. Every time Kirk has a choice and he chooses the path that
is guaranteed to get him a few souvenir bruises and welts, instead of
the path that will reduce his chances of getting hurt, that's masochism.
Kirk enjoys pain. He actively enjoys physical fights and other things
that can get him hurt, and he frankly admits that himself.

He doesn't have to admit it. It's very evident.

Every time Kirk says, "That's a chance I have to take", he's bracing
himself for a masochistic adventure. For example, when explaining to
Trelane why he tried to escape even though he knew it was probably
pointless to try, he says, "I had to take that chance." When logging his
reasoning behind setting himself up for a beating at Mr. Spock's hands
in This Side Of Paradise, he calls the coming confrontation, "a chance I
have to take". In Who Mourns For Adonais?, when giving his team the big
pep-talk about how they have to piss Apollo off, knowing the guy may
choose to kill one of them for it, he explains that "it's a chance WE
have to take", but don't you just know that if Apollo stupidly flings a
thunderbolt at someone besides Kirk that Kirk will jump in front of it?

Look, just because he has no ~logical~ reason to do such things doesn't
mean he has *no reason*. He has his personal reasons for the pattern of
behavior that is evident throughout TOS. Just because the reasons are
never baldly stated doesn't mean they don't exist. We are supposed to
put two and two together, ourselves.

Kirk OFTEN offers himself as a target, ostensibly to protect his people,
ostensibly because he's the one in charge, he's the one
responsible...etc. What he's not telling anyone (except maybe himself)
is that he enjoys putting himself in harm's way.

FWIW, masochists often are attracted to high-risk and high-stress
professions, especially the males. They thrive on fear and pain. They're
adrenaline junkies. They develop a tolerance to high levels of
adrenaline, and eventually need higher levels to get the charge they
crave. The aftermath, when the body responds by dumping huge amounts of
endorphins into their bloodstream, is also something they like a lot.
It's a natural high for them.

Kirk apparently has deduced that Spock shares this quirk with him, and
he seems to enjoy poking Spock in his sore spot and pushing him over the
edge. Watch the scene that takes place in briefing room two in Naked
Time again, and try to see what I'm seeing: two guys, who, when infected
by the disease, take a few private minutes to slap each other around. A
few minutes later (after the crisis has passed) when Spock worriedly
checks with Kirk and asks about his health, the camera comes in for a
close-up on Kirk's face, and OH MAN, HE'S GOT THAT GLOW.

I know that glow, bro.

If it was only one episode I would agree that it couldn't possibly have
been intentional. They couldn't possibly have meant for us to see him
that way. If it was only one episode I would be agreeing that maybe that
ep was just a fluke. It ain't only one episode. It's EVERY OTHER
EPISODE. I have to say in that case, it can't possibly be unintentional.
Especially not with the cute soft-focus close-ups, and the titillating,
unnecessarily prolonged torture scenes, etc. TOS was often deliberately
sadomasochistic in the way it told the stories, and who better to star
in such stories, than a galaxy class kinko like Kirk?

In essence, TOS is like "The Perils of Pauline", except Kirk is Pauline,
and instead of being a helpless victim, he often puts himself in peril.
OK, sometimes he's just kidnapped. But he does seem to enjoy captivity a
bit too much. His attitude is always, "Yeah, sure, kidnap me, but let my
people go!" LOL


We can be here all week hearing arguments from a diverse group of odd
bedfellows who assert a variety of far-fetched explanations that involve
accepting premises like: "Kirk never marries a woman because he's in
love with his ship" and "Spock never marries because he's asexual", who
explain all the cozy intimacy between Kirk and Spock as manifestations
of "a really, really good friendship"...

...Or we can accept that Kirk and Spock are lovers and kinky to boot,
and relax and enjoy the story of two incredibly odd characters who do
incredibly heroic things with incredible results, loving each other all
the way, against all odds.

The choice is yours. Either "married to the ship" is literally true, or
it's a euphemism. I know what makes more sense to me, and I know why,
and I'm 100% ready to fully explain. Not only does my explanation make
more sense, but it makes for a much more interesting story. If you
haven't seen enough already, just ask for more and I will be happy to
oblige you. :)

Let's not forget to ask those with a contrary point of view to offer an
argument that's equally compelling.

If some people refuse to agree, that doesn't disprove what I've offered.
Only a full-blown and effective counter argument can (hypothetically) do
that. We've seen nothing of that sort yet, and I don't expect that we
ever will.

I know many Trekkies would like to believe I'm 100% wrong about all of
this. Don't agree with them on blind faith alone. Demand some solid
evidence you can hang on to. Then the next time you meet someone like
me, you'll know what to say to them. :)

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