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Overcoming a difficult feeling

Von: Hannele (kaisahanneletervola@webinfo.fi) [Profil]
Datum: 05.01.2007 14:19
Message-ID: <1168003159.792975.302690@s34g2000cwa.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.support
I do not know whether this works with an as difficult situation as you
may have but you might try.
In order to overcome difficult jammed habitual feelings, first relax by
thinking about some things which do not bother you presently at all.
Then breathe relaxedly out, thinking of the lightness of the air in the
breathing. Then think for a while of feelings which have a similar
lightness: positive feelings. Then think of things that cause such
positive feelings. Try to do things based on such positive beautiful
feelings, like for example by saying a nice thing every now and then
when you manage to feel that way. So little by little form to yourself
a better idea of what causes a pleasant feeling, and try to cultivate
those things in your life: starting from their pleasantness and aiming
at ending in such an atmosphere too - both for yourself and for others,
since we are social beings and our happiness interconnects with the
happiness of others. This is a skill which one can learn and so slowly
move the emotional base of one's life to rest on the pleasant things
that one happens to have - be they social things, the nature (buy an
aquarium or a pair of pet birds to get healthy sensory stumuli to fill
your life?) or the arts or whatever.

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