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Anna Nicole's Smith had implant repair prior to her death being discussed in media

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Datum: 11.02.2007 20:19
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MSNBC video


According to MSNBC and Rita Cosby, new allegations and reports that
Anna Nicole had recent breast surgery to repair one of her implants is
now being leaked to the media.

Cosby states in her report that the former spokesmodel had also been
prescribed over 10 different types of prescription pain pills, and
speculates she may have been taking "excessive amounts" because she
had developed a tolerance.

Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by her nurse,
unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face.

TMZ speculates that adverse reactions to plastic surgery could become
serious; there are numerous documented cases of seizures, heart
attacks and high fevers leading to death.

TMZ further speculates that if Anna did have recent plastic surgery,
and she exhibited "flu like symptoms" over the last few days, "it's
quite possible that the star died of a massive infection, perhaps
complicated by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs."


Interestingly, this "spoof" site may have been quite close to the


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