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Re: Getting Free Groceries, Merchandise, Etc.

Von: joanandreas (joanandreas@yahoo.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.04.2007 15:04
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Newsgroup: alt.support
I must agree totally with you Fran, I too am a cashier in a large
grocery store and I have witnessed many people using the program at:
http://newdealsdirect.com and they are all paying next to nothing for
their groceries. Several years ago my head cashier overheard me
telling one of the customers about te program and she let me have it.
We are not supposed to let anyone know about it I guess it is really
cutting into their profits. For me, I joined their sampler program
many years ago as well. I can't understand why a major supermarket is
so against helping people save money!


Re: Tired of Paying Full Price?
I can relate very easily to what the woman posted below since I have
been a cashier at a major supermarket for over 20 years. Please
forgive for not mentioning the chain but I am afraid of getting fired
since we were given strict orders not to tell anybody about this
program http://newdealsdirect.com For the past twenty years I have
seen customers use this very program and save a minimum of 75% on
their orders. I have never seen a better program than this one. I
myself signed up for their sampler in 1982 and the savings have been
out of this world. My customers use many different programs but I can
attest that not one of them comes close to this one.
Fran H.

[original message]
In life, timing is indeed everything. Last week I was waiting in line
behind a woman who had an overflowing cart of items at our local
grocery store. It was one of those days where every other line was a
half mile long. When this woman was finaly rung up she owed $627.79,
my eyes nearly fell out. I had noticed that she was getting two,
three and four of similar items. She had everything medicines,
cosmetics, toiletries, cleaners, hardware, pet items, food, etc. She
then handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill and received a ten and
change back. My curiosity was killing me but I didn't have the nerve
to ask the woman what happened. Once she was out of hearing distance,
I asked the cashier. She told me that the woman was part of the
program at http://newdealsdirect.com The cashier told me that she
has several customers who are also part of it also receiving the same
type of savings. In fact she told me that she joined as well. Well
after witnessing that I rushed home and signed up immediately. I can't
wait to
start loading up full carts and paying practically nothing for it!

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