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do u drink/use your own pee/urine for health

Von: erach27@gmail.com (erach27@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.02.2008 11:28
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that is urine therapy or auto-urine-therapy to be specific.
Cures (allegedly) all diseases including AIDS, cancer, and genetic
diseases such as manic-depression.

Too bad the allopathic doctors dont tell you about it.
Neither do the pharma companies.

You can sign up for clinical trials at https://cdmrp.org

I'm feeling sleepy again even though I've had lots of tea (3 cups) to
keep me awake.

Check out http://spacetimemotion.tripod.com for alternative health if
urine therapy is too painful.

You can eat organic white butter 1 spoon, sugar 1 spoon, water 1 glass
at room-temperature in the morning (no sugar if diabetic) and then go
to sleep and drink your middle portion of morning urine when you wake
up or at least 45 minutes later.


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