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perfumery industry pheromones --- coma chakras

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Datum: 08.04.2008 06:07
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We all know what the Reiki Chakras are.  If we throw ice cold water
from a height in drops on the Reiki Chakras and perhaps do urine
therapy too, will it bring the patient slowly but gradually out of

Urine therapy is too dramatic --- put ghee in the nose. ghee is a
nutrient --Charaka said ghee is life, but Sushrusha said urine is a
detoxifier and an anti-poison.

Now, do perfumes are sex perfumes -- pheromones attracts the wrong
kind of people.  Women want people who smell like their father for a
lasting relationship, men want a housewife who earns money.  Go slow.

Now, if there is enough PAID response to the book space time motion, I
might organize myself to distribute it by adobe paid books online

And a bus pass to distribute space time motion books all over Mumbai
by Public Transport to hospitals should not cost much.

Perhaps I should have a free seminar thrown in too for people to
gather on in my house as an attraction and for feedback.

And whoever gets this knowledge first can sell it online to the rest
of the world and make MORE MONEY.


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