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Bend legs when walking

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Datum: 09.04.2008 07:12
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Newsgroup: alt.supportmisc.kids.pregnancy
now, I bend legs when I walk --- before I always used to walk straight
legged.  Remember, convergent beam of water --- helps me to sleep well
--- and now I break my trinicalm plus in 1/2 and then break the 2 1/2s
to get a quarter precisely, and a little bit is shaved off the quarter
every night.  Saw the movie Jodhaa Akbar yesterday 9:30 - 12:30 show.

Lifting the legs is hard exercise.  Bhavasar had told me to run not

Do not exercise at night and reduce intensity of light in your room at
night to prepare you for sleeping.

Make your Television black and white or put a blue glass above it to
wean off television.

And yes, after one elephantine baby with eyes rolling and long hair
was referred to Bhavasar by me ---- ALL 20 PEOPLE HAVE VANISHED.
Guess they liked him.
Police chowky policemen vanish when I give them Bhavasar's phone
number.  Guess policemen like him too.


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