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So I saw my Psychiatrist today.

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Datum: 05.01.2009 14:22
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I said about me starting a new job and the anxiety that comes with it. He
said it was normal. However I pleaded I said I know that is the case, but
my anxiety involves locking myself away in a toilet deep breathing to
calm down and I can't keep running to the toilet. So I asked for Diazepam
he first refused. So I said, look you can't deny me this. My new job is
important to me and I'll be damned if I'm going to let my mental health
problems destroy the opportunity. I said again to him. I'm not here to
abuse Diazepam this is a legitimate request. I say again can I have some
to help me through the first few weeks of work? He gave in and agreed.

You have to be pushy with these Doctors. Otherwise they just push you out
of the consulting room and get the next patient. Well sense was seen.
However his conditions for the prescription was that I was allowed no
more. Fair enough I said. Like I said I'm not looking into getting into a
habit. I truly need them for me to get through the first terrifying weeks
that involve a new job. Hooray! Score one for the patient being right
instead of the Doctor.

Cool eh?

I even feel less anxious just knowing they are there to fall back on, and
might not even have to use them at all.

By the way he prescribed 28 5mg Diazepam so a fairly high dose, which was
nice of him.

" If you can empty your mind of all thoughts your heart will embrace the
tranquility of peace. Watch the workings of all of creation, but
contemplate their return to the source. "

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu


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