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I hear you're all feminists now!!SAY BYE BYE09.05.10
I make the fucking rules, yuppie.SAY BYE BYE08.05.10
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Have you ever heard a post abortive Woman say :...IlBeBauck@gmail.com07.11.08
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Obama responds to criticism of his abortion vot...admin@ng2000.com20.09.08
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Re: Fla. Judge Upholds School's Gay Club BanKaren Gordon19.04.08
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Re: Are there inbred families in the Ozarks/App...Karen Gordon15.04.08
Re: Homosexual Leader Calls AIDS: "A Gay Disease"Karen Gordon15.04.08
Re: Who speaks for the baby?Karen Gordon15.04.08
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Re: Abortion: A Choice Against WomenKaren Gordon09.04.08
Re: School board urged to continue abstinence-f...Karen Gordon09.04.08
Re: Tolerance, Diversity and the Freedom to ChooseKaren Gordon09.04.08
Re: Guard watches TV while inmate beaten to deathKaren Gordon09.04.08
Re: 'Homosexual Jesus' sparks art outrageKaren Gordon09.04.08
RU-486 is gaining in popularityBOB22.01.08
Invitation to FidoNet Abortion EchoAllen Prunty14.01.08
Get live advice, 24X7, from Personal Counselors...sofia15.09.07
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Questions about love, marriage and romance? I o...sofia21.06.07
ABORTIVE SURGEONS = 666 in multiples of 3 or Ba...yeshuwa_is_my_lor...04.06.07
SATAN LOVES ABORTION = 666 in multiples of 3 or...yeshuwa_is_my_lor...04.06.07
SATAN LOVE ABORTION = 666 in multiples of 3 or ...yeshuwa_is_my_lor...04.06.07
the human mother organism is THE most Holy thin...mg17.05.07
Now it's MURDER!RAT Patrol18.04.07
Fetal developmentDave in Lake Villa12.04.07
I would rather date a fat and ugly chip designe...Melissa@aol.com10.04.07
Giuliani is really ANTI-CHOICEFreedom Fighter16.02.07
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Top Democrats seek to avert abortion clashes (B...admin@ng2000.com22.01.07
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Barak Obama and his stand on innocent human lifeDave in Lake Villa18.01.07
Dave's Dildos is restocked and again open for b...Dave in Lake Villa14.01.07
Trolling webtv anti-sex IDIOT ALERTKen10.01.07
Why can't Dimwit Dumbfuck make up his fundy-ass...Ken06.01.07
Bill Gates : No friend to the very young in Am...Dave in Lake Villa06.01.07
A Crash Course, Dimwit Dave's ISP fees going to...Ken05.01.07
I Just Got The Dave in Lake Villa Virus That I ...Dr H@l0nf1r£$05.01.07
Crash Course in your tax dollars used for killi...Dave in Lake Villa05.01.07
Symptoms and help for religious addicts/anti-ab...Ken04.01.07
Do you think that you might be a fuckin' idiot?Ken03.01.07
a questionSave Da World03.01.07