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Frank McCoy's babyrape videos discovered by FedsUltima Thule04.06.10
Additional Info On Frank McCoy's TrialFred B. Brown03.06.10
How does this make sense, exactly?XXX03.06.10
Confab looks at queers and sex offendersCub Reporter03.06.10
On-line Pedophile Playbook is Nothing New says FBICub Reporter02.06.10
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Commune leader: Child-sex 'healthy'Cub Reporter30.05.10
Facts and Fiction about Sex OffendersBaal29.05.10
FBI Posts Faake Hyperlinks To Snare Child Porn ...Fred B. Brown28.05.10
'Listening to' the childrenCub Reporter26.05.10
End of childhood playingCub Reporter25.05.10
Church of Scientology denies abuse cover-upCub Reporter22.05.10
Defiant Judge Takes On Child Pornography LawCub Reporter22.05.10
Of course, kids would never lie about sex!!!XXX21.05.10
Update on Frank's legal caseBaal04.05.10
Techdirt take on the Sanger / Wikipedia Child P...Baal03.05.10
More bullshit prosecutionsXXX02.05.10
How does this fit into the Hater World View?XXX23.04.10
Typical Cop Coercion when it comes to kids and sexXXX16.04.10
Another case of someone trying to sleep their w...XXX25.03.10
Standing Up To Proposed Virtual Child Porn Legi...Baal18.03.10
Feds on social networks: What can they do?Baal17.03.10
Children monitored 'as closely as inmates' by C...Baal17.03.10
Parents may not want to hear it, but it's just ...XXX09.03.10
Predator laws questioned after SoCal teen's deathUltima Thule05.03.10
Federal Appeals Court Finds CPS Tactic Unconsti...XXX04.03.10
State appellate court declares “abuse” list unc...XXX04.03.10
Morton Davis on 8 yr old neighborsUltima Thule03.03.10
Sex-Offender CityUltima Thule02.03.10
Tucson's Most Wanted Special: Sexual PredatorsUltima Thule08.02.10
SuperBowl: Pedophile rapists defiling eventUltima Thule07.02.10
Child sex: why are we so fucked up about it?XXX13.01.10
In an Age of Consent, Defining Abuse by AdultsXXX13.01.10
Pedophile celebrates Christmas by murdering ch...Ultima Thule26.12.09
More hater handy workXXX11.12.09
Anti-rape classes just a bit too realisticCub Reporter14.11.09
The eleventh day, of the eleventh month ...Laurence Taylor10.11.09
What sex offenders' courses are for in NZCub Reporter30.10.09
Sex educationCub Reporter30.10.09
Monitoring Sex Offenders On HalloweenUltima Thule27.10.09
Kids May Be Barred From 'Nude' Airport Scanner ...Cub Reporter15.10.09
The rampant conversion of normal males to "pedo...head2fat14.10.09
Re: Any Poles on this forum?Dave U. Random27.09.09
Any Poles on this forum?Justin Thyme26.09.09
Molested: A mother discovers that the legal sys...Baal24.09.09
Shag bandsCub Reporter14.09.09
Child sex tourism study 'blames Aussies'Cub Reporter13.09.09
Rhode Island Road Trip!!!XXX22.07.09
[Aus] Pedophile ring claims unfoundedCub Reporter04.07.09
Film director asks for sex with woman's daughte...Cub Reporter02.07.09