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Bring back hanging for murder and rape and watc...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger buck accused in gang rape in E...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger Nigger Murder Says "I Had Fun"Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Aspiring Philly Teacher Killed for an iPod by B...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Niggers stealing again, Brass thieves...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger kills Human cop, ends up kille...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
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China Forbids Bars To Serve Niggers During Olym...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Man viciously attacked by pack of Black-Ass Fer...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black School Nigletts Same sats as Black-Ass Ni...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger Shot 14 Times In Phila. (DRT)Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger Fleeing Suspect Leads Police A...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
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Newark Black-Ass Niggers living up to expectati...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger gets the electric bullwhip, ta...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Some Black-Ass Nigger Criminal Stats.Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass NiggerRapper is arrested AGAINKamau Kambon26.07.08
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West African imported Nigger Shoots Husband, Wi...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
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Black-Ass Criminal Nigger shoots self in the la...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Black-Ass Nigger Teen Criminal Had Prior Gun Co...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Alien-looking Black-Ass Nigger's run from the l...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
Savage Black-Ass Niggers shoot man during home ...Kamau Kambon26.07.08
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