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alt.sys.alpha-microFor users and dealers of Alpha Micro computers.
alt.sys.amiga.thorGroup for the multipurpose offline reader THOR.
alt.sys.mac.newuser-helpA forum for Macintosh users new to the internet.
alt.sys.pc-clone.acerAcer computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaqDiscussion of Compaq computers.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq.serversFor discussion of Compaq File Servers.
alt.sys.pc-clone.dellDell computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.micronA PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.packardbellPackard-Bell home computer systems.
alt.sys.pdp10The trusty old PDP 10.
alt.sys.pdp11The trusty old PDP 11.
alt.sys.pdp8The trusty old PDP 8.
alt.sys.perqThe trusty old PD..er, PERQ graphics workstations.
alt.sys.sunTechnical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
alt.sysadmin.recoveryGetting over the trauma of system administration (Moderated)