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Getting over the trauma of system administration (Moderated)

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alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ v1.799999999999999998...Alan J Rosenthal02.05.10
Plumbing unrecoveryGarrett Wollman02.05.10
Fscking Subversion, fscking CentOS/GangsterHat...Joe Thompson27.04.10
What a nice way to end the week...Davide Bianchi23.04.10
Well, *that* was interesting ...mikea02.04.10
Today's xkcd is worth itOlivier Galibert02.04.10
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A non-PHB I never met.Dan Birchall10.03.10
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Re: other placeChloe09.03.10
Woah! That must have been nasty .mikea08.03.10
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Career-limiting emailsJust zis Guy, you...04.03.10
The Daily Holy CrapDavide Bianchi04.03.10
other placeZebee Johnstone02.03.10
Lab move == one deeper circle of hellidees@videotron.q...02.03.10
It won't be long now. *Sigh!*Joe Zeff28.02.10
She's here at lastDavid Skinner16.02.10
Fsck me sideways with a chainsawMav13.02.10
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DiversitySzechuan Death13.01.10